Saturday, October 11


Not even the collapse of the Nationals bubble can seem to knock any sense into Adrian Fenty. He's talking about bringing the Redskins back to DC "as fast as humanly possible", saying on a recent TV show that "The Redskins should play in Washington, D.C. I think it would be great to have a brand-new stadium, one that could accommodate a Super Bowl. So stay tuned."

Notes Mark Maske of the Washington Post: "Two teams in the Redskins' division, the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, are building new stadiums. The price tag for each project exceeds $1 billion."

Said Fenty: "We have a stadium site sitting here ready, willing and able to go. A new stadium could go on there. We could probably donate almost all of the land to the stadium and, I think, build a brand-new stadium that could accommodate a Super Bowl that has all of the new trappings of new stadiums. So I think there's a win-win in it."

PS: A Super Dome would be more than twice the size of the Nationals' stadium.

PPS: Just yesterday someone who has dealt with Fenty described him to us as "not very smart." We had thought of him as arrogant and self-absorbed, but after hearing about the Super Dome project, it seems that we may have not only that to worry about but a local version of George W. Bush's mind as well.


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