Friday, October 3


DC Indymedia - Mayor Fenty's office submitted a report about the recent push to get homeless folks supportive housing per the directive of a recent emergency law passed by the City Council. The report was submitted one minute past the deadline.

[Fenty] says he has placed 86 men from Franklin into permanent supportive housing. This means at least 214 men are now without shelter or housed at other overcrowded shelters. Of course the numbers are larger, as testimony has elicited that at least 1000 different people used Franklin Shelter every three months, with men cycling in and out as needed.

The apartments are subsidized by your taxpayer monies to the tune of $1200 - $1600 a month for each of the 300+ apartments [listed in the report]

Franklin Shelter advocates state that the issue of permanent supportive housing should not be mixed with the need for emergency shelters in downtown DC. The Housing First initiative started in response to the outcry against closing Franklin Shelter this summer, and is accepted as positive in the homeless community as another way to help folks who are in need of housing.

However, to use this new program, which is being rushed into place with little oversight, as the response to closing emergency shelters just as hypothermia season begins - and hurricane season continues - is just plain ignorant and could mean death for many Franklin Shelter residents forced to the curb.

There have been 300+ beds at Franklin Shelter for the past decade to house the homeless who needed emergency shelter. During this past summer, Mayor Fenty ordered DHS and his staff to begin breaking down the beds and forcing people to the streets or other over crowded shelters.

Also of note in this report, is the lack of any notes regarding the attrition rates of the folks placed in permanent supportive housing. How many people have left the housing since being placed?


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