Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Guardian, UK - Google has reached a landmark agreement with authors and publishers to make millions of books available online, in a deal that includes a $125m payout and the end to lawsuits filed by companies including Penguin. The agreement, part of which is subject to the approval of the US District Court in New York, comes after two years of negotiations between the parties and will mark the end of two lawsuits against the Google Book Search tool. . .

The deal today, described in a joint statement by all parties as "groundbreaking", will see online access granted for millions of in-copyright materials "and other written materials" in the US through Google Book Search. Rights holders will be able to control the pricing of online content and access to books. . .

Worldwide holders of US copyrights for written material can register works with the Books Rights Registry and receive compensation from subscriptions from institutions such as universities, book sales, ad revenue "and other possible revenue models", as well as cash payment for their works that have already been digitized.


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