Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Knoxville News Sentinel - Jordan Triplett went for a morning pick-me-up from Starbucks and wound up with first-degree burns. Now, she's suing the Seattle-based coffee house empire for $250,000 in a Knox County Circuit Court lawsuit that blames Triplett's burns on a barista's lid snafu. . . The lawsuit alleges that the 23-year-old Triplett drove to a Starbucks on Kingston Pike on July 13 and bought coffee via the store's drive-through window. The lawsuit is silent on what Triplett ordered. . . "She experienced extreme heat radiating through the cup and protective cardboard sleeve," Isaacs wrote. "[She] balanced the extremely hot cup of coffee on her thigh with her hand on top of the cup as she pulled away from the window and negotiated a turn onto the roadway." Once on Kingston Pike, Triplett noticed "the lid of the coffee container was loose and not affixed properly," the lawsuit states. "Before Triplett could achieve a better grasp upon the cup, the lid dislodged from the cup, thereby causing scalding coffee to spill and splash onto [her] lap, right thigh and right hand," the lawsuit states. The coffee soaked through her denim jeans, causing her to cry out in severe pain, according to the lawsuit. She drove to a nearby friend's house and disrobed. "She discovered that she had severe blisters and burns on her hand, inner thigh and vaginal area," the lawsuit states.


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If there is anything Jordan Triplett can't be accused of, it's Originality.


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