Sunday, October 5


Fresh from his efforts to ignore the Supreme Court gun ruling and his South Africa style neighborhood check points, Adrian Fenty and his Karl Rove, Peter Nickles, are up to more constitutionally contemptuous mischief. Reports David Nakamura in the Washington Post: "D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty introduced an omnibus crime bill that he said will allow law enforcement officials to more aggressively target violent crimes and gang activity. Among dozens of provisions, the proposed legislation would increase the mandatory minimum sentences for crimes involving firearms, make it easier for prosecutors to detain people prior to trials and allow law enforcement officials to seek civil injunctions against alleged gang members. . .

"Under the proposal, law enforcement officials would have to identify just three people acting together to prove they are part of a gang, instead of the six that are required now. Then, officials could obtain a civil injunction that would ban the gang from, for example, entering a particular neighborhood or street where it might have been intimidating residents. If the gang members violate the civil injunction, Nickles said, they can be prosecuted for crimes. . .

"Council sources said, however, that Williams had proposed legislation that made three people a potential gang, but the measure was removed by the council because such a law could lead to misunderstandings in which people are charged for hanging out with friends or family members. That still may be a concern of some council members."


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