Thursday, October 16


Andrew Romano, Newsweek - Over the course of 90 minutes - and I apologize if my count is not complete; my fingers can only type so fast - Mr. McCain accused Mr. Obama of being:

a) a craven wealth-spreader (at least eight times)

b) an abject tax-raiser, especially on folks unfortunate enough to make $42,000 a year

c) a lily-livered coward who's never once stood up to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

d) a town-hall avoider

e) a public-financing flip-flopper

f) the most avid negative advertiser in American history

g) a befriender of "washed-up terrorist(s)"

h) an enabler of "one of the greatest frauds in voter history" (which just so happens to be "destroying the fabric of American democracy")

i) an "eloquent" dissembler

j) a supporter of infanticide and finally,

k) a guy who wants to do all kinds of unspeakable things to someone named Joe the plumber, up to and including raising his taxes, redistributing his money and fining him for choosing the wrong kind of health care.


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