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I was fortunate enough to have been invited inside one of them. It is great that he is assisting those who have lived there so long and who lost virtually everything. Rosemary, if you read this, thank you for inviting us in and showing us your new home - your joy and pride were evident. Much Luck to you and yours. If you send me the street address I will send you the photos I took. - Ellen


Senator Bernie Sanders has been at the front lines, leading on this crisis, from the beginning. He has spoken with an independent voice and is shouting to the rafters what follows. He does an incredible job of questioning Bush's nominee for the White House Budgeting office Jim Nussle. Listen to him and please, if you're so inclined. - Jbsjohn


Is Sam Smith going to correct the false statement that "prioritize" is not a legitimate word? It's bizarre to see that absurd falsity repeated here, and highlighted, even, when anyone can simply look it up in dictionaries. What good is there in misleading people, Sam?

I try to stay out of fights between readers and, further, my position was not that prioritize is not a word; it is just an awful word produced by our corporate culture. Incidentally I went to the link provided by a reader and it indicated that the word was invented in 1965-70. To no good purpose.

One can set priorities. That's a useful, appropriate phrase based on long-agreed-upon principles of English usage and tradition. "Prioritize" was arbitrarily invented in the world of "ad-speak" with no regard to those principles and traditions. It is a superfluous and ridiculous word and English would be much better off if people would stop using it and others like it whether some damn fool has added to a dictionary or not.


Sex has nothing to do with morality except in the minds of those who still believe in quaint, ancient myths from religions whose ancient creators believed sex was bad for the crops.

Morality is about good vs. evil, peace vs. war, creation vs. destruction, love vs. hate, making things better for everyone vs. making things better for the rich and powerful only, protecting the future of the world vs. destroying it for short term gain, helping those in need vs. exploiting others in every possible way for personal gain, etc.

The only way in which morality figures into sex, except among superstitious idiots, is when in lacks fully informed mutual consent. In all other circumstances it is no one's business but that of the one or more people participating. Ever. Period.

The bulk of comments refer not to the Edward's sex scandal, but to the scandals of his Wall St. connections while in office. But since 'progressives' seemingly only equate 'morality' with 'sex', his dubious behaviors outside of the bedroom carry no weight with them. Were he on the other side of the fence, I have a feeling that might hold less true.

Read the comments on this thread, and you can understand the role that 'scandals' play in our politics. As soon as a discussion begins about an alternative housing rescue proposal that would put the interests of the citizens above the interests of the banks, its amazingly and quickly diverted into a discussion of John Edwards sexual habits. Oops, and there went $800 billion of public money into the banks also.

But hey, can we talk about the John Edwards sex scandal some more? That's really titillating, and far more interesting that the theft of hundreds of billions or even a trillion dollars or more of our money. - Samson



At October 24, 2008 4:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At October 24, 2008 4:35 PM, Anonymous What's the matter with the Democrats? They're stupid and corrupt. said...

Which Candidate Supports Petraeus, the Bailout, the Death Penalty, Nuclear Power, the Occupation, the Cuban Embargo ...
Name That Candidate

This week came exciting news. Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama for President. Yippie! The blogosphere is all atwitter. Our guy has worked hard, taken solid positions on all the most important progressive issues and managed to convince the exalted Mr. Powell to throw his support our way. Celebrations are in order. We're one step closer to the Oval Office thanks to this latest breaking development. Oh, and for those of you who may have forgotten who Colin Powell is (history is so boring, isn't it?) let's take a moment to highlight some of his stellar qualifications as a supporter of the Left.

Powell is the guy who, as a bright young 31 year old Army Major, did his level best to keep information about the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam from becoming public. Specifically, he was charged with investigating a letter from a whistle-blowing soldier giving detailed accounts of many of the atrocities committed by U.S. military personnel in Vietnam under the auspices of the Phoenix Program. That program was a lovely little package of war crimes intended to "identify and neutralize (via infiltration, capture, or murder) the civilian infrastructure supporting the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (the Viet Cong). In other words, it was a U.S. and South Vietnamese death squad operation which rampaged through the country side slaughtering civilians and burning down entire villages. You know, capturing the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people. Powell summed up his investigation of the whistle-blower's accusations by saying, "In direct refutation of this portrayal is the fact that relations between American soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent."

Well that's enough for me. If Powell endorsed the rousing success of the Phoenix Program, what more do we need to know? Queried about his participation in the attempted white wash of My Lai, some 40 years later Powell said, "I mean, I was in a unit that was responsible for My Lai. I got there after My Lai happened. So, in war, these sorts of horrible things happen every now and again..." Personally, I think he sounds really sorry. And he's seems to be bashing Republicans these days, so I like him a lot.

Fast forward to 2003. Then Secretary of State, Powell, made a triumphant speech to the United Nations outlining the urgent need for us to invade Iraq in a war of aggression in order to eliminate the massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction which Saddam Hussein was going to use to invade and destroy the United States. Thank Buddha that Powell was able to use his dignity and gravitas to convince the world of the imminent danger. Imagine where we might be today without his steadfast endorsement of that magnificent war crime. I don't know about you, but I'm wasn't into wearing a turban and having Saddam Hussein's picture on the one dollar bill. I shudder to think of Brittany Spears in a burka. Of course, it's a bit unfortunate that Powell's speech to the U.N. was a pack of outright fabrications and lies. But I've forgiven him by now, especially since he's decided to come out in favor our Our Guy Obama.

And while we're at it, let's catalog of few of Barack Obama's progressive qualifications to be next President of the United States of Imperialism. Well first, there's his adamant condemnation of the war in Iraq. Why, he was against it from the very start. Of course, that hasn't prevented him from voting continually to fund the Occupation. But hey, he has to get elected before he can implement all his wonderful changey policies, right? You know, like maintaining a presence of 50,000 to 80,000 troops in Iraq, along with a dozen or so permanent military bases and the world's largest foreign embassy. Then there is his pledge to escalate the "good war" in Afghanistan. We've only killed about 10,000 or so innocent civilians there in the last few years. I won't feel safe until we can push those numbers much higher. And Pakistan? Sending robot drones out to drop bombs on people is my kind of progressive war. Obama has assured us he'll continue that policy and actually increase the number of illegal violations of that country's sovereignty. Right on.

But let's not stop there. The list of Oboma's support for progressive issues is a long one. For instance, he endorsed immunity for the Telecoms. It's a good thing, too. We can't have corporations facing legal action or law suits for spying on us. After all, they are only trying to protect us from terrorists. And Barack is a true friend to the Zionist regime in Israel. He'll do everything in his power to prevent those nasty Iranians from destroying Israel and driving them into the sea. Israel's apartheid colonization of the West Bank, in direct violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions is inconvenient for the Palestinians. But what the heck. They don't have much of a Lobby in Washington. And you hardly ever have to read about their suffering, not even in the so-called Progressive media. Why, I don't think I've ever heard anything at all about the suffering of the Palestinian people on Air America. So who needs to worry about them? We can still hear and read non-stop Obamadulation, no matter how bad things may be in Gaza. What's wrong with that?

The prospects for the progressive agenda in an Obama administration are bursting out all over. Obama will make sure we don't have National Health Care. We have to keep our insurance companies in the loop so they can stay strong. And clean coal! Finally an intelligent advocate for that fantasy technology. I was worried that one of the most toxic forms of energy production in operation today might be hindered. Not under an Obama reign. Along with more Nuclear Power plants, which Obama favors, we should be able to stave off the threat of clean energy technologies for years to come. Well, okay, we can throw the environmentalists a few bones, but let's not get carried away. We need to hold a few promises of a greener world in reserve to throw out during the midterm elections. And we've got 2012 to think about.

Besides, it's about the economy, stupid. Speaking of which, now that Obama has helped usher in the nearly one trillion dollar handout to the banking industry, we should see prosperity on the horizon any day now. Obama has told us he has great faith in Secretary of the Treasury Paulson and his plan to save the American consumer. Just look at what a fine job Paulson did as Chairman of Goldman Sachs? They gave him over half a billion dollars in bonuses and compensation when he left to become our Treasury Secretary, just two years before Goldman Sachs went belly up. He must have done some great work for them. Why else would he get paid so much?

Well, I could go on and on. There are so many reasons for progressives to rally round Obama. Like his support for the death penalty and the Cuban embargo, just to mention two more. But I need to get busy planning tonight's party in celebration of Colin Powell's endorsement of our fine, pro-war, pro-corporate, pro-imperialist, pro-Zionist, pro-military-industrial-complex left wing hero. The future has never looked so bright for progressives. Being for Change has really lifted our spirits and bolstered attendance at our campaign rallies. I'm hoping that sometime in the next few days we'll get Henry Kissinger to sign on with us. What a boon that would be. Like I always say, if your going to support a candidate who doesn't represent any of the values you believe in, then you can't have too many bloodthirsty war criminals endorsing him.

Joe Mowrey is an actual anti-war activist and Palestinian rights advocate who resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he continues to engage in various seditious activities along with his spouse, Janice, and their three canine co-conspirators. You can chastise him for failing so support Saint Obama at

At October 24, 2008 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Prioritize" from the Oxford English Dictionary:

1. trans. To give priority to; to designate (something) as worthy of special attention.
1954 W. MORRIS in Reno (Nevada) Evening Gaz. 9 Nov. 4/7 Now they [sc. ‘finalize’ and ‘concretize’] be firmly embedded in the speech of government workers, along with ‘civilianize’..and ‘prioritize’ (give preferential rating to). 1973 T. H. WHITE Making of President 1972 xii. 325 The storefront operators in the counties that Malek had ‘prioritized’ had identified independents, wavering Democrats and ‘don't knows’. 1982 E. KALLEN Ethnicity & Human Rights in Canada viii.199 Revitalization tends to prioritize collective rights claims, including nationhood claims, over and above individual rights claims. 1993 Time Out 31 Mar.-7 Apr. 36/3 The works poke fun at building designs that prioritise style over function. 2006 Chicago Tribune (Midwest ed.) 11 June I. 11/2 (table) Bike Boulevards Roadways with special signage and other features that prioritize bicycles and discourage non-local motor-vehicle traffic.

2. a. trans. To arrange (items) to be dealt with in order of importance; to establish priorities for (a set of items).
1961 Washington Post 5 Mar. E2/1 The District could do a better job of presenting its program. It often fails to ‘prioritize’ its requests, to use a silly word that just came to my attention the other day as the latest contribution to government jargon. 1977 Daily Colonist (Victoria, Brit. Columbia) 15 May 33/5 A special committee had been prioritize their recommendations and to report. 1991 Internat. Jrnl. Project Managem. Feb. 30/2 The logic of planning by prioritizing events with respect to time becomes quite obscure. 2005 N. Z. Herald (Nexis) 2 Sept., At this point it is important to prioritise your list into the ‘must haves’ and the ‘preferables’.

b. intr. To establish priorities for a set of tasks.
1977 Time 14 Mar. 28/2 From then on toward midnight, he tries, in his own words, ‘to prioritize’. 1992 Police Rev. 17 Jan. 108/4 Trying to balance both jobs is very difficult and demanding...He'll find, at certain times of the year, he'll have to prioritise. 2004 Wall St. Jrnl. (Central ed.) 21 Dec. B6/5 A hot file forces you to prioritize because you have to select which things will be included.


pri{smm}oriti{sm}zation n.
1970 Los Angeles Times 26 July B2/1 *Prioritization{em}As used at one major aerospace firm, the act of ranking a system's desired features by assigning numerical weights, which..signal the urgency of each feature. 1981 Managem. Sci. 27 24 The penalty costs can be used to coerce prioritization of shift violations as an integral economic consideration. 2000 Brit. Jrnl. Gen. Practice 50 194/2 This appears to have led to a shift in national policy towards the prioritisation of those with SMI [sc. severe mental illness].

pri{sm}oritized adj.
1972 Galveston (Texas) Daily News 4 Mar. 6/6 Specifically defined and *prioritized goals and objectives. 1992 Dr. Dobb's Jrnl. Sept. 19/2 An analysis of these duplicate bugs can lead to a prioritized list of the most common problems for the developers to tackle first. 2005 National Jrnl. (U.S.) 11 June 1747/1 He sent the Homeland Security Department a sequenced, prioritized five-year plan.

pri{sm}oritizing n.
1971 Daily Rev. (Hayward, Calif.) 6 May 19/2 The groups are directed to ‘prioritize’ their lists. This section is called ‘*prioritizing’. 1977 Time 14 Mar. 28/2 Prioritizing takes him into the Oval Office to talk each day with the President and to drop in on..Vice President Mondale. 2000 A. BOURDAIN Kitchen Confid. (2001) 188 Soon, there'll be a choo-choo train of sauté pans lined up waiting for heat, requiring constant prioritizing.


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