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The issue I see as important regarding gun control is personal freedom and preservation of the Bill of Rights. The charade I see is that the "liberals" are substantively no different from Bush/Cheney, the only difference being a different perspective on who should be the omnipotent omniscient ruling clic in a suffocating morass of anal control. I know the neo-libs and the neo-cons don't trust anybody because they don't trust themselves, but I'm sick of this "Give me your freedom and I'll protect you from your own worst instincts" mentality. Some people would love to bring back Prohibition and chastity belts.


This article is nothing more than further spreading the right-wing meme that "we don't know him" which is code for "he's a one-man sleeper cell". Please don't submit us to another 4-8 years of echoing right-wing witch hunts, Sam. I for one, can do without it.

I look at it more that we support Obama to election day and then we start working on him to implement a real, progressive agenda whereas, with McCain, there is no chance for such a thing. This stuff just feeds into the whole horse-race, personality contest mentality and is as bad as anything in the MSM. How about some facts and policy instead, Sam? (and don't even tell me we don't know Obama's policies, because they're all over his website and his public appearances) - PlanB247

Who can blame him? Campaign journalists tend to be a ravenous lot. Around such people , one is well advised to bear in mind that all branches of the human tree are rooted in cannibalism, and while most of us have no rational fear of being a menu item - we should nevertheless, maintain a healthy regard for the teeth of ink stained wretches.

For those of us concerned about the possibility that the package might be a whole lot of wrapping with little else inside, the article just might have a note of resonance.

Here's a question for your functioning intellect, why is it that for every dollar Wall Street contributes to McCain they pony up three for Obama?

We want to believe in Dear Leader. Why do you want to make us question our belief?

We got the same story fed to us in 1992, and Clinton's policies made things worse for labor and working class people with declining union membership, declining wages, declining real quality of life, etc. etc. Vote Nader.

How will an economic policy directed by Rubin and Altman be different from that of Paulson or Gramm? Does anyone out there truly believe a foreign policy advised by Brzezinski translates into peace and stability in places such as 'Eurasia'? Maybe some answers can be derived from his over 236 non voting US Senate votes? It mystifies me how so many have found favorable resolution to such a quandary. As for me, ready solace remains elusive and that is why I'll be voting third party.

How pathetic. There are issues and policies to be concerned with, and we still have journalists playing junior psychologist. Who cares if he's boring or not? I want competent and reasonable. - Brad Wilson


The Federal Reserve has the power to monetize the debt of any entity. When the government exercises this power, it makes the entity solvent again by deducting a small amount of value from the accounts of everyone who owns U.S. dollars (that's you and me and millions of others)
without their consent. As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan was an exploiter. Were he a character in Atlas Shrugged, he'd be an agent of the corrupt government that John Galt, et al opposed.


The reason the Downing Street memos are not causing a politically significant wave of popular outrage is because everyone already did understand. The documents simply confirm in embarrassingly concrete terms the story that Scott Ritter and Joe Wilson and others have been telling us since 2002. If you're outraged now, it's because you're pretending not to have known this all along. At this point it's impossible to be shocked that a cadre of sociopathic dominionist oilmen planned a racist war against a starved people floating on a sea of hydrocarbons. What's shocking is that we can have the very minutes of the meetings become public without any consequences for the perpetrators. That means there is no legal infrastructure, no institution of jurisprudence that can inflict so much as a flea-bite on the tyrant's finger. Once you know about Abu Ghraib and Bagram AFB, you can't be shocked by Guantanamo; it's all one. - Jamey Hecht


Anyone who has gone through loss knows there is no pattern, rhyme or reason. It's an often messy, unpredictable process. But if you read Kubler Ross closely, I believe she says not everyone will go through all the stages in any particular order, but most people go through at least two of the stages in the grief process.


It just gets harder and harder for me to come to a final decision on whether to vote for McKinney or Nader How I wish they were on the same ticket so I could vote for both!

If the Greens want to regain any semblance of credibility at all, they need to ditch Ms. McKinney--fast.

I saw Nader speak in Massachusetts on Saturday. His views on the corporate-political quagmire and on the nature of two party politics in the US are worthy of consideration. Regardless of your choice in the next election the foundations of Nader's arguments are a problem that will effect every American and his solutions are worthy of your attention and consideration.


The implications are clear; Mexicans can pack their mud; you know, handle their shit . . . and gringos can't . Ergo decrim in Mexico and repression in the States. . . for our own good. - Dr Atomic

Keep in mind that the point of the legislation is to decrease bribery and corruption. In my opinion this is less a political action than a practical attempt to improve order and policing in the border areas. - Boffin


The well-off in NOLA have enough resources to help them already, without Mr. Pitt. If he's truly concerned with aiding these people why not bend his efforts and considerable wealth towards aiding the neediest rather than the upper middle-class?


According to RealtyTrac, there have been 1,965,681 foreclosure filings in as of August 31. Using Census estimates of 1.92 adults per household, that means 3,774,108 adults could be challenged and disenfranchised.

Only problem with that stat is that about one of three mortgages foreclosed on is with a homeowner who doesn't, and probably never, resided in that home but was most likely a real estate speculator. Of the remaining 2/3 most have moved out, probably out of the precinct. The best way to save the legit voters remaining is for them to go ahead and vote a challenged ballot - people need to be taught how to do that if they really are entitled to vote instead of whining about the process. Suggest ACORN and affiliates budget for that education lesson. - EF, Tucson


I have been a reader of your website for many years and truly appreciate what you are doing. And I appreciate that you need to raise revenue through advertising. I have often been amused and/or perplexed by some of your advertisers. But, of late, I have been quite disturbed to see advertisements in favor of Prop 8 in California. I don't know what your policy is or even whether you have a policy about what ads you accept, but I am appalled that you have advertisements in favor of Prop 8 on your site. I am quite sure that you don't support Prop 8 and the right wing Christian and Mormon forces that back it. So, please, please, exercise a little more discrimination in what advertisements you accept.

Our advertising is handled by national operations and we do not review each ad. Our own feeling is that if the Prop 8 people want to waste money advertising on this site, it's better than if the money was spent somewhere useful.


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Before you waste your vote on the Dems, please read this essay concerning Obama's and Biden's records and positions.
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The Trail of Broken Promises


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