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Hal Herring, High Country News - For two decades, many liberals have thrived on despising the NRA and its members. Those who believe in gun control often hold enormous prejudice against those who don't. But there are already reams of laws pertaining to the use, abuse, purchase and sale of firearms. What new regulations would the gun-controllers create, and how would they work to address the problem of gun violence? Do they want to prohibit private ownership of firearms altogether? Many would like to ban handguns, without considering just what this would entail, what inequities of power would result, and what new, potentially dangerous, powers would have to be awarded to government to accomplish it. . .

According to Dave Workman, the senior editor of Gun Week, a publication of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation, "The Clinton-era 'assault weapons ban' was more symbolic than anything else. The reason it was so overwhelmingly supported by the gun control movement was because it represented a federal ban on firearms based on cosmetic circumstances - what they looked like - not on their lethality. It was to condition the public to accept a piecemeal destruction of the Second Amendment."

Workman believes there was much to learn from the Clinton election. "When George H. W. Bush took the gun vote for granted in 1992, most of the gun owners voted for Ross Perot, or else they sat it out," he says. The election of Clinton, though, and what followed, cemented the gun voters' dislike of the Democratic Party. The Brady Law went into effect in 1993, and the "assault weapons ban" passed a year later. That was enough, says Workman, for the gun voters to see "how this was all going. They mobilized and threw out many of the Democrats, costing them control of Congress (in 1994)." The National Rifle Association first endorsed a presidential candidate - Ronald Reagan - in 1980, but gun politics as we know them today were born in 1994.

Since then, the gun vote has gone to the Republicans, and that is not expected to change anytime soon, even with pro-gun Democrats like Montana's Gov. Brian Schweitzer or Sen. Jon Tester gaining prominence.


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous NO GUN OWNER said...

The issue I see as important regarding gun control is personal freedom and preservation of the Bill of Rights. The charade I see is the "liberals" are substantively no different from Bush/Cheney the only difference being a different perspective on who should be the omnipotent omniscient ruling clich in a suffocating morass of anal control. I know the neolibs and the neocons don't trust anybody because they don't trust themselves, but I'm sick of this "Give me your freedom and I'll protect you from your own worst instincts" mentality. S ome people would love to bring back Prohibition and chastity belts.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous heading off the spelling police said...

Okay it's clique, not clich.


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