Friday, November 7


Ryan J. Reilly, CU Tower - The exorcism room in the attic of Caldwell Hall was open to students for tours on Halloween night, hosted by The House. The House welcomed over 350 students, a record number for House events this year, for a night of food, games and tours that retraced the steps of the famous exorcism that supposedly occurred in Caldwell Hall's attic.

Rev. Robert Schlageter, the Chaplain & Director of Campus Ministry, helped The House receive special permission in order to open the attic, which is normally locked, to student tours for the night. Throughout the night House members Kelsey Flynn, Josh Baum and Jonathon Jerome led small groups of students up the stairs of Caldwell Hall and through the attic where students were able to stand in the room that the exorcism is said to have occurred. As students walked into the exorcism room they were able to view a bed and a kneeler placed in front of photos pasted on the wall with faces scratched out.

People generally consider the film The Exorcist when discussing exorcisms. Interestingly, the troubled priest in that film was played by Jason Miller, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and University alumnus. One of the stories told on the tours was the tragic death of Rev. William Fogarty in June, 1896. According to a Washington Post article regarding the event, a sick Fr. Fogarty could not sleep and had gone to the fourth floor of Caldwell to get fresh air when he lost balance and fell out of the window, falling to his death. When at the hospital, however, doctors found no bruises or cuts on Fogarty's body.

Many students came dressed in their Halloween costumes. The House members dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, lightening the mood for those that came back white faced and anxious from their visit to the legendary exorcism room.


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