Friday, November 7


Don't count on the Obama administration to give the city anything more than a vote for the eunuch at the orgy, as Julius Hobson described our non-voting delegate. Fenty on Channel 5 the other day said that statehood was way off in the future and that a vote for Norton had to come first. Why are local elected officials unwilling to push for statehood even when the Democrats have the White House and a comfortable margin in the Congress? We've come to the conclusion that they don't want it at all. The mayor and council don't want their power diluted and their big money supporters don't want anything close to statehood. They prefer their Blackberries to the ballot. There's a precedent for this covert colonialism: Mayor Washington and Walter Fauntroy lobbied quietly against ANCs when home rule was under consideration. Democracy was fine for them, but not for others.

According to the Board of Elections
, there are 426,000 registered voters in DC. Given that the latest census found only 582 residents and 115,000 are under 18, that would mean that 91% of eligible voters are registered which is a little hard to believe.

According to AU's Center for the Study of the American Electorate, DC turnout percentage only increased 5% this year over 2004.

Washington Post - DC bargain hunters know the secret, and now so does Sarah Jessica Parker: Baltimore is cheaper! The producer of the HBO pilot 'The Washingtonienne' filmed in Adams Morgan, on U Street, and in other parts of DC this week. . . But now it's on to Charm City, which will double as DC. The Baltimore Sun reports she likes the film crews who worked "The Wire" - and Baltimore cost a lot less"

DCRTV - WTOP reporter Amy Held was bitten by a capuchin monkey named Armani when she tried to ask it who it favored for president. The attack was captured by a Fox 5 news crew. Held was treated at Georgetown University Hospital with a tetanus shot and antibiotics for a bite to her pinky finger. Later, the Rockville owner of the monkey indicated that it is supporting Obama.

By 10:45 pm election night the Board of Elections had only released the returns for 20 out of 143 precincts. We can't remember a slower count.

Gary Imhoff, DC Watch - With the defeat of Carol Schwartz the District of Columbia has probably elected the last Republican to a partisan elected office for many years. Just as Hilda Mason was the last officeholder from the Statehood Party, and her retirement ended that party's chance of electing a councilmember, Carol's defeat means that Republicans will face being shut out of the council for decades into the future. Our city is in for a long spell of not just one-party rule, but of unchallenged, completely uniform one-party rule.

The first prelimiary round of those new electronic Portable People Meters got released. And it showed what many had feared, that many black-oriented and Hispanic stations took big plunges, including WMMJ, WHUR, WPGC-FM, and WLZL. . . "Arbitron has shown no willingness to fix the problems," said Jim Winston, executive director of the National Association Of Black-Owned Broadcasters, a Washington-based minority-station group. If the current system continues, he said, "the economic effect could be disastrous for these stations. This is a matter of survival for some of them." . . .Stations higher in the PPMs when compaired to the old diary method include WTOP, WASH, WAMU, WIHT, WWDC, WRQX, and WGTS. Stations lower in the PPMs when compared to the diaries include urbans WPGC-FM, WHUR, and WMMJ, Spanish WLZL, plus WMAL, WMZQ, and WJFK-FM.

Mike Licht Notion's Capital - We spent Election Day outside Washington DC's Precinct Number 86, the polling place at Eliot Junior High School (1830 Constitution Avenue, NE). . . The uncertified returns: Barack Obama 1,364 votes (89.09%) John McCain 146 votes (9.54% ) . . . As elsewhere, the 2008 election experience was a moving one at Eliot, but it may have had special meaning for older African American voters. They cast their ballots for the first black U.S. president in a public school that successfully used the Federal Courts to exclude black students a half-century ago: ". . . when a Negro girl named Marguerite Carr attempted to obtain from the United States District Court in the District of Columbia an order permitting her to attend a junior high school [Eliot JHS] where there were vacancies while the colored school she was attending [Browne JHS] was overcrowded and operating on a two-shift schedule, the District Court refused the order she sought; and the Federal Court of Appeals, in 1950, by a vote of two justices to one, affirmed that judgment." As if that were not enough, Eliot Junior High School is named after Charles W. Eliot (1834-1926), educator, author, editor, and president of Harvard University. Barack Obama graduated with honors from Harvard Law School.


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