Friday, November 7


Jacob Goodwin, ISC365 - The U.S. Coast Guard is planning to establish a maritime security zone for an 11-day period surrounding the upcoming presidential inauguration on Jan. 20 that would prohibit boats from operating on the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers in and around Washington, DC. . .

The security zone, which will go into effect at 4 am on Jan. 14, six days before the inauguration of either Barack Obama or John McCain at the U.S. Capitol, would remain in effect until 10 pm on Jan. 25, five days after the swearing-in ceremony and various inaugural parades, balls and receptions take place.

Boats that are already at berth, mooring or anchor inside the security zone will be allowed to remain, but no other vessels will be allowed to enter or transit the zone during the 11-day period, according to the Coast Guard's proposed plan.

The zone will include the Potomac River from the Francis Scott Key Bridge (which connects Georgetown to Rosslyn, VA) in the north to approximately Alexandria, VA in the south, as well as the Anacostia River from the point where the New York Avenue Bridge (also known as Route 50) crosses the river in the north to the point where the river runs into the Potomac in the south.


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