Monday, November 17


Washington Teacher - [A Washington Post story] states that the Mayor and Chancellor are considering restoring the District's power to create non-unionized charter schools and possibly seeking federal legislation declaring the school system a "state of emergency." Could this be Union Busting 101 ?

Tactics of Union Busters:

INCREASES IN PAY: They tell you that you don't need the union to get wage increases.

LET'S BE PALS: They set up meetings with union members citing : don't let the union get in the way of our wonderful relationship.

ONE-ON-ONES: Management may call you in for face-to-face talks about the union.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: They will try to play one group against the other: "Disloyal" union supporters against "loyal pro-employer" union opponents; older vs. younger, men vs. women, one department against another - whatever works for them.

VOTE-YES COMMITTEE: A small group of employees might be set up to "stand up" for the employer. They want to "save" the organization from the Union. The Union Buster is behind this committee and is training the leaders to destroy the union.

SCARE TACTICS: They threaten to fire you, outsource jobs, make your job at will and fail to adhere to personnel regulations and union contracts. They blame employees for all the agency's shortcomings.

BAD PRESS ABOUT THE UNION: They paint an ugly picture of the union in the press.


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