Wednesday, November 12


Channel 8 The Eastern Market fire, one of the most destructive in D.C. history, was deliberately set, according to two men who worked on the case. Firefighters Gerald Pennington and Greg Bowyer used to be known for their skills as two of the top arson investigators in the country. Now, they are recognized for checking fire hydrants. Pennington and Bowyer traded their guns and badges for wrenches and now make more than $100,000 dollars a year checking fire hydrants. "This is a nightmare. I can't believe this is happening to me," said Bowyer. . . The two said that they are being punished for speaking out about botched fire investigations, including the massive 2007 fire at D.C.'s Eastern Market that inflicted $20 million in damage and caused vendors like Mel Inman to relocate. . .

The public has always been told that the Eastern Market fire was not suspicious. . . As two of the most experienced arson investigators, Pennington and Bowyer were also on a covert team searching for a person responsible for a rash of dumpster fires. Five months later, 28-year-old Joel Ramos emerged as a suspect. He was picked up by police on a malicious burning charge for setting a fire in an alley near Eastern Market. . . Sources said the arrest wasn't publicized because arson didn't fit with the department's original theory. According to police records, Ramos never stood trial because a couple of months later, his body washed ashore in King George County, Va. After his death, which investigators deemed natural, the dumpster fires stopped.


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The personal punishment programs within the D.C.Fire Dept has to stop. Management in the D.C.Fire dept isnt concerned that they violate the D.P.M. or other dept manuals. Their enthusiasm comes from inconvienincing the lives of their undesireables by having them waste time and mony on appointments and lawyers and the disgruntledness the empoyess end up coming to work with. Two mob bosses at the operations level.


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