Tuesday, November 25


The street naming obsession keeps getting more absurd. . . Channel 4 - D.C. Council is debating whether to rename a portion of South Capitol Street near Nationals Park to make sure those who visit remember that the District has no voting member in Congress, according to the Washington Examiner.

If it happens, addresses on South Capitol Street between N Street and Potomac Avenue would need to be updated with the Taxation Without Representation Street moniker. . .

There was opposition to the renaming from developers, especially those who are building apartment complexes on the street. Some said the name change would "negatively impact the residents of our building," cause "unnecessary confusion" and compromise "the spirit" of the street, according to the Examiner. . .

According to the Washington Post, Gray wants to rename T Street from Sixth to Seventh streets NW as Duke Ellington Avenue; Seventh Street between T Street and Florida Avenue as Chuck Brown Way, the 700 block of 10th Street NW as Bud Doggett Way and V Street from 13th to 14th streets NW as Langston Hughes Street.

DC Examiner - Council Chairman Vincent Gray held a public hearing on the legislation, which unlike other symbolic road name designations would actually change the address of all buildings along that three-block stretch of South Capitol.. . . The street renaming, Gray said, "is another step in getting the maximum impact out of this."

The plan
would be another assault on the city's brilliant historic street naming plan: diagonal streets named after states, vertical streets by number, and horizontal ones by alphabet, then two syllable alphabet, then three syllable alphabet and finally plants by alphabetic order. It is so well organized that if you give an address you not only know where it is but how far, as there are roughly ten blocks to the mile. But Washington is a town with declining respect for its own virtues and is being judged increasingly by its possibilities for somebody's profit. It didn't work for hedge funds and it won't work for DC.

Furthermore, as we have pointed out in the past, the slogan "No Taxation Without Representation" is a colonial one, dreamed up by Massachusetts businessmen who wanted nothing more than a few seats in Parliament. It is a degrading slogan with a goal that will not significantly reduce our colonial status.
If that had been all that America had sought, we would still be a British colony.


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