Wednesday, November 5


Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly - Gathered in front of a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln conveniently sitting, yet leaning forward - not unlike someone in the midst of utilizing the toilet - backers of a proposition to rename a Parkside sewage plant after President George W. Bush waited out a cold night. While Barack Obama stormed to victory and re-defined the term “blue state,” there was no joy in sewageville. When all the dust - we’ll assume it was dust - settled, they’d lost by roughly a 70-30 ratio. . . Brian McConnell and Michael Jacinto, the proposition’s co-authors, weren’t ready to retrace their steps yet. But Jacinto noted that the Public Utility Commission’s oft-repeated estimate of $50,000 in city money to accommodate the name change was “pulled out of their posterior,” while both men were surprised at the Guardian and others rationalizing that christening a sewage plant after the president would be disrespectful to its employees - after all, the SEIU Local 1021, the sewage workers’ union, endorsed their proposition.

Times, UK - Cleverer children are more likely to vote for the Green Party or the Liberal Democrats in a general election than other parties when they become adults, research suggests. The study, by the University of Edinburgh and the UK Medical Research Council and published in the journal Intelligence, indicates that childhood IQ is as important as social class in determining political allegiance. The IQs of more than 6,000 subjects were recorded at the age of 10, before any secondary schooling. Twenty-four years later they were asked about their voting habits.

National Council of La Raza -
Initial exit polls suggest that at least ten million Latinos voted, representing an increase of 32% from the 2004 presidential election


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