Saturday, November 15


Firedog Lake - "There was a high percentage of minority vote," [Saxby] Chambliss told Alan Colmes, "but we weren't able to get enough of our folks out on election day.". . . During the fall Senate campaign, Chambliss cautioned his followers that "the other folks" are voting. The senator added that the "rush to the polls by African-Americans" has "got our side energized early, they see what is happening."

Ballot Access News From preliminary election returns, it appears that these are the best counties for five particular presidential candidates: Nader: Morgan County, Tennessee 5.2% Barr: Esmeralda County, Nevada, 2.7% Baldwin: Millard County, Utah, 5.6% McKinney: either St. Bernard or LaFourche Parish, both in Louisiana, each 1.1% Brian Moore: Essex County, Vermont, 2.1%. . . For the major parties, McCain's best county is King County, Texas, at 93.2%; Obama's best jurisdiction is Washington, D.C., which gave him a higher percentage than any county in any state, 92.9%. Aside from D.C., Obama's best county is Prince Georges County, Maryland, 89.1%.

A study finds
that if no one over 65 had voted, Prop 8 would have failed by a point or two.


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