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And this was written before Obama appointed Rahm Emanuel to chief-of-staff. Left/right distinctions don't make much difference when matters of war and peace are effectively in the hands of a foreign lobby. All that matters is finding someone with the courage to speak out. You go, Ralph!

Good to see it's OK to cover Nader again now that The Obamessiah has risen.

Very sad; he's now actually getting worse, and before this new turn he had already become a tired scold. Sad because he was once the greatest. Please spare us his views in the future. - Garret


How can anyone see this as a waste of time? I am 28, and I consider what I did between the ages of 18 and 25 to be a complete and utter waste of time--college. Imagine, a nation of firefighters, EMTs, rescue workers; a nation of people who know how to load, care for, store and operate a gun safely and responsibly. A nation divided cannot stand, and divided we are. A democracy that doesn't fear it's citizens is no democracy at all, and at present we as a people are no more a formidable foe than a flock of sheep with a mission statement.


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Re: Rebranding America's Emp[ire.
"Things are not going the US’s way
Articles - US Politics
David Morrison, 11 November 2008

Nothing much is going right for the US these days. Leaving aside the troubles with its financial system

Turkey denied US naval ships access to the Black Sea in August, and refused to condemn Russia’s actions in Georgia.

Likewise, Azerbaijan refused to condemn Russia’s actions in Georgia, and didn’t treat Vice President Cheney with due respect on his visit in early September.

In Ukraine, the Orange revolution is in the process of being reversed – it looks as if Ukraine will make its peace with Russia and stay out of NATO.

In Iraq, a Status of Forces Agreement, to replace the UN mandate which runs out on 31 December 2008, has yet to be agreed with the Iraqi Government, let alone approved by the Iraqi Parliament.

The new US Africa Command has had to locate its headquarters in Stuttgart, because no African country was prepared to host it.

It’s no fun being a declining superpower" (pinwatch.org/)


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