Thursday, November 13, 2008


Paul Street, Z Mag - A considerable segment of the U.S. foreign policy establishment thinks that Obama's race, name (technically Islamic), experience living (Muslim Indonesia, as a child) in and visiting (chiefly his father's homeland Kenya) poor nations and his nominally anti-Iraq War history will help them repackage the U.S. imperial project (replete with more than 730 military bases located in nearly every nation on Earth) in softer and more politically correct cover. John Kerry, who ran for the presidency four years earlier largely on the claim that he would be a more effective manager of empire (and the Iraq War) than George W. Bush, was certainly thinking of these critical imperial "soft power" assets when he praised Obama as someone who could "reinvent America's image abroad". . . .

Obama's distinctive biography is one of his great attractions to the mostly white U.S. foreign policy elite in a majority non-white world that has been deeply provoked and disgusted by U.S. behavior in the post-9/11 era (and truthfully before). He is a perfect symbol of deceptive imperial "re-branding." According to the unconsciously power-worshipping and imperialist New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof two weeks ago, the election of a black president "could change global perceptions of the United States, redefining the American 'brand' to be less about Guantanamo and more about equality". Never mind that the U.S. remains the most unequal and wealth-top-heavy country in the industrialized world by far, strongly dedicated to maintaining steep socioeconomic and disparity within and between nations and scarred by a domestic racial wealth gap of seven black cents on the white dollar.

Call it "the identity politics of foreign policy." The Empire wants new clothes and Obama is just the man to wear them.


At November 13, 2008 2:28 PM, Anonymous no dreamer said...

A nation controlled my ravenous beasts who feel justified in frenchfrying anyone anywhere who doesn't come to heel respectfully enough can dream about repackaging image all they want but I don't think a shiny package of murder is going to win them any friends and guess what? As all colonial powers have discovered, when you make enough enemies, you get your ass kicked.

At November 13, 2008 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Barack Obama, on behalf of the corporate / military elite who are his masters, will soon be calling upon the ‘American’ people to make horrible economic and social sacrifices in the name of patriotism and the nation. Barack Obama will speak of pain which he himself does not know, just as he speaks of war which he himself has not experienced. He will demand ever more sacrifices of the people, but it is this filthy unjust system that the people must ultimately sacrifice, not our humanity, our hopes, and our dreams. “Beware of the naked man who offers you clothes.” Notwithstanding the meaningless change of skin pigmentation, this new U.S. Emperor is nonetheless “naked;” devoid of truth, justice, and a love for the every day people of this nation and the world."

For a fact, if we are not vigilant and Barack Obama is given “a pass,” we Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples in this nation will assuredly lose what is left of our meager civil liberties, and this nation and the world will most certainly be engulfed in continuing and unending wars, which are perpetrated, manipulated, and perpetuated by the subterfuge of the U.S. corporate / military elite.
Larry Pinkney,


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