Tuesday, November 4, 2008


KARE, Minneapolis- St Paul The only thing as big as politics in the D.C. beltway is Redskins football. Political pundits and football fans noticed a trend between Presidential elections and the Redskins results from their last game before voters make their decision.

From 1940 to 2000 if the Redskins won in the week before the election so did the incumbent party. If they lost so did the incumbents.

In 1980 the Vikings played the Redskins with Jimmy Carter looking for a second term in the White House. The Redskins lost to the Vikings and days later Carter lost to Ronald Reagan.

The trend continued up to 2004 when the Packers beat the Redskins. However President Bush went on to win a second term in the White House. Still the predictor has been correct 94.4% of the time.

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat Washington Monday night, 23-6, so voters will now have to wait and see if Tuesday's election if the predictor makes it 17 out of 18 in 2008.

Below you will find the Redskins results going back to 1940 on election eve.

1940 - W (Pirates) -- Roosevelt (Incumbent) d. Willkie

1944 - W (Brown) -- Roosevelt (I) d. Dewey

1948 - W (Yanks) -- Truman (I) d. Dewey

1952 - L (Steelers) -- Eisenhower d. Stephenson (I)

1956 - W (Cardinals) -- Eisenhower (I) d. Stephenson

1960 - L (Browns) -- Kennedy d. Nixon (I)

1964 - W (Eagles) -- Johnson (I) d. Goldwater

1968 - L (Eagles) -- Nixon d. Humphrey (I)

1972 - W (Jets) -- Nixon (I) d. McGovern

1976 - L (Cowboys) -- Carter d. Ford (I)

1980 - L (Vikings) -- Reagan d. Carter (I)

1984 - W (Falcons) -- Reagan (I) d. Mondale

1988 - W (Saints) -- Bush (I) d. Dukakis

1992 - L (Giants) -- Clinton d. Bush (I)

1996 - W (Colts) -- Clinton (I) d. Dole

2000 - L (Titans) - Bush d. Gore (I)

2004 - L (Packers) - Bush (I) d. Kerry


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