Wednesday, December 17, 2008


From Eric Spiegelman

"The Sen. Barack Obama who showed up for the first debate with Sen. John McCain did a fine Bill Clinton imitation." (WSJ). . .

"Obama emerges as a liberal Reagan who can reunite America." (Andrew Sullivan)

"The similarities between Carter and Obama are considerable." (NYO). . .

"His rhetoric does include echoes of the 1968 Nixon campaign." (Encyclopedia Britannica Blog)

"He's also the fulfillment of Lyndon Johnson's dream." (Seattle PI)

"A president like my father." (Caroline Kennedy). . .

"President-elect Barack Obama and his team are modeling their domestic agenda on President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Keynesian liberalism." (Washington Times)

"How about Obama as Hoover? Now there's a real story." (American Spectator)

"Five past presidents, [including] Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge - had black ancestors, which would make Obama the sixth of his kind." (MSNBC). . .

"Given Obama's aspiration to practice a transformative politics in this season of discontent, Kennedy may not be the senator's best role model. The man he really wants to be is Theodore Roosevelt." (Washington Independent)

"If Barack Obama is elected President, he will be the first Harvard law school graduate to become President since Rutherford B. Hayes." (Volokh Conspiracy). . .

"Johnnie Maier, chairman of the Democratic Party in Ohio's economically depressed Stark County, said Mr. Obama probably faces the greatest challenges since Andrew Johnson." (Globe and Mail). . .


At December 17, 2008 6:01 PM, Anonymous Mairead said...

The ludicrously vast differences between the comparisons various pundits make should tell us just how much wishful thinking is going on.

What's terrifying is that he's not really a tabula rasa, but he plays one on tv. Nor is he an empty suit, I don't think. He's not going to sit around and enjoy the perqs of office.

Everything I've seen from him, beginning with his come-from-nowhere 2004 speech, tells me we're going to get another massive screwing, just as we did from Good Ol' Bill only this time without the douceur of a bubble economy.

At December 18, 2008 7:34 AM, Anonymous EHSDirector said...

Clearly Obama is not a known or proven man who seeks to ‘emulate’ the ‘next best thing’.

I have referred to Obama as ‘Jimmy Carter 2.0’… Energy, environment and political direction are a little close. The term ‘Jimmy Carter 2.0’ has a meaning that Obama plans to ‘double’ everything President Carter ‘tried to do’. Under President Carter’s administration, Americans redirected billions of dollars into clean energy, environment and foreign interests… where did it get U.S?

While I believe President Carter is a good family man and humanitarian, but in retrospect he was a ‘Mediocre President’.

Double that and we may get an O.K. leader or just double the problems.

Regardless nothing appears to be the ‘new’ or innovative ‘change’ he inspired voters with that our country desperately needs.

But hey, maybe his is just holding back his ‘good stuff’ until the inauguration ;-)

I hope and pray that he is.

Seriously… if we can not prove to ourselves we learn from history we will be history.

At December 18, 2008 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


All the work Jimmy Cater did to forward renewable energy, to preserve and improve the environment, and improve foreign relations were undone by Ronald Regan.

Regan won the 1980 election by cutting a deal with the Irianian hostage holders to keep American citizens hostage until after the election. Carter had a deal worked out to bring the hostages home before the election, then Reagan's running mate G.H.W. Bush met with the hostage holders and made a deal for Reagan.

Or another example, Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the white house, Nancy Reagan had the solar panels removed.

Perhaps you should read up on the history of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and October Surprise.

Obama on the other hand has sold us back to the Clintonites, just a look in his cabinet, it shows he is just a rent boy for the Clinton machine.


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