Saturday, December 6, 2008


Longtime alternative journalist Jim Ridgeway has launched a site called Unsilent Generation for "people who don't believe that getting old means getting dumb, getting conservative, getting complacent or getting used to spending your days driving a golf cart to early bird dinner specials.

"It's a site for people who know that old age doesn't have to be a slow shuffle toward the grave, but it also isn't always the glorious adventure that's depicted in 'senior' lifestyle magazines or commercials for retirement investments.

"Unsilent Generation features information and commentary on a variety of issues and subjects-some of which we geezers might care about because they especially affect our lives, and some of which we might care about because we've just lived too long to take any more of this bullshit.

"The inspiration for the name of the site is explained in one of my inaugural posts, No Country Club for Old Men. But Unsilent Generation is not meant for any particular generation: It's for everyone who is old or plans on some day becoming old."

Ridgeway has written for the Village Voice, Ramparts, Mother Jones and The New Republic; and founded and edited two independent newsletters, Hard Times and The Element. He is also the author of 16 books.


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