Wednesday, December 31, 2008


USA Today - Moving companies are delivering fresh evidence that Americans' wanderlust is waning. Interstate moves dropped substantially this year over the previous year, according to two large shippers - United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines. Shipments were down more than 10% the first 11 months of this year, says Greg Hoover, president and chief operating officer of Atlas World Group. . .

Both companies report a big drop in corporate relocations in recent months. As layoffs mount and companies' budgets tighten, all-expenses-paid moves become rarer. . . Statistics through November of this year show:

Atlas for the first time handled more household moves out of Florida than in. . .

Oregon and other parts of the Northwest continue to draw people.

Despite a slowdown in Nevada's growth, both United and Atlas show more shipments going there than coming out.

Moving trucks are heading out of the Midwest, center of the hard-hit automobile industry.

Almost two-thirds of United shipments involving Michigan are leaving the state.


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