Wednesday, December 31


Radar - The New York press has started to stick a fork in Caroline Kennedy's bid to be appointed to the senate seat which will be vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton. . . "The wheels of the bandwagon are coming off,'' wrote the New York Daily News while New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker has already declared her one of the losers of 2008. Even the liberal New York Times called her frustratingly "vague (and) undefined and seemingly determined to remain that way.'' Blogs have taunted her for the number of "you know" and "ums" she used in recent media interviews.

Daniel De Groot, Open Left - Obama's cabinet includes two each of sitting Governors and Senators (Clinton, Salazar, Richardson, Napolitano). You might include Biden too, making the score 3 and 2. The significance is that all of these have given up powerful, independent roles in the Presidential feeder leagues for subservient roles within the Presidency. If you look at the Republican side, McCain had no shortage of eager Senators and Governors willing to be his VP either. For Bush's first cabinet, he didn't pick any sitting Senators, but he did pick 2 sitting governors, and at least 2 others were under serious consideration. Similarly for Obama, it is pretty clear he could have had even more Senators (Kerry, Murray, Dodd) and Governors (Granholm, Blagojevich) if he had wanted them. . . Clearly things have changed, and the Presidency is now the best game in town, or out of it.


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