Friday, December 19, 2008


Liberal cover up and denial of the Clinton scandals has long become just another part of America's culture of impunity, but we can't resist mentioning this recent example from the liberal spin site, Media Matters:

|||| Also during the segment, Hannity compared the FBI audio tapes of Blagojevich to tapes released by Gennifer Flowers, saying, 'Everything that we heard in the Gennifer Flowers tapes came true.' However, the Los Angeles Times reported on January 30, 1992:

'A nationally known expert who examined a tape-recorded conversation allegedly between Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and a woman who claims to have had a long-term affair with him said the tape had been 'selectively edited' and is 'suspect at best.'

'If you take this tape recording at its face value, it's misleading," said Anthony J. Pellicano, a prominent expert on tape recordings who has testified in numerous criminal cases involving tapes. ||||

Of course, the "prominent expert on tape recordings" recently testified in another criminal case involving tapes: his own. Six days after the Media Matters item, the LA Times reported: "As the judge spoke, Pellicano -- dressed in green prison garb and shackled at the ankles and waist -- remained mostly expressionless, leaning back in his chair with his chin propped on his hand. . .

|||| The 64-year-old sleuth, whose clients and victims ranked among Hollywood's biggest stars and most powerful executives, was convicted in two criminal trials earlier this year of 78 counts, including wiretapping, computer fraud and wire fraud. . .

In court papers filed in October, prosecutors asked the judge to sentence Pellicano to 15 years and 8 months in prison, saying he was charged with, and convicted of, only a fraction of the crimes he actually committed.

By tapping phones and bribing public officials, Pellicano violated fundamental privacy rights of hundreds of people and chipped away at the integrity of public institutions, prosecutors contended.

"He enjoyed every minute of it," Assistant U.S. Atty. Daniel Saunders said at Monday's hearing.

According to prosecutors, Pellicano charged steep rates for information he got by listening to people's most intimate and personal conversations, often to give his rich and famous clients an edge in legal fights.

He bribed police officers to run names in law enforcement databases and phone company officials to get wiretaps running, prosecutors said.||||

Unmentioned by the LA Times or any other corporate media was the fact that Pellicano was hired by the Clintons to trash Flowers, who threatened to derail Bill Clinton's infant campaign for the presidency - a private eye who boasted in the January 1992 issue of GQ magazine,of the dirty work he had performed for his clients, including blackmail and physical assault. He claimed to have beaten one of his client's enemies with a baseball bat. "I'm an expert with a knife," said Pellicano. "I can shred your face with a knife."

You read more about the Clintons and Pellicano here.


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