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January 20, 2009



Progressive Review - Mark Zandi from Moody's Economy.com estimates that each dollar of refundable tax rebates only boosts GDP by about $1.26, while each dollar of infrastructure spending could provide a $1.59 boost. . . Here are some of Zandi's examples of what a dollar spent by the government will deliver in economic benefits:

$1.73 Food stamps
$1.59 Public works
$1.36 Aid to states
$0.30 Corporate tax cut
$0.29 Make Bush tax cuts permanent.

Burke Hays, Idaho Statesman - A recent Associated Press article noted that 691,000 youth went hungry in 2007. These figures increased 50 percent from 2006, and the Department of Agriculture predicts the numbers will continue to rise through 2009. . .

Increasing food stamp benefits fosters economic recovery faster than rebate checks. Because food stamps target the poorest Americans, 90 percent of the cash benefits are spent within two weeks of receipt. Middle - and upper - income earners take much longer to spend their stimulus checks, if they spend them at all.

Increasing food stamp benefits fosters immediate economic growth, but it is also a long - term investment in our neediest and hungriest children. A study in the prestigious journal Pediatrics noted the deleterious long - term effects of child hunger, including chronic illness, behavioral issues, and psychiatric stress.

A similar study in the American Journal of Public Health found that hungry children are more likely to demonstrate poor academic achievement and to repeat grades compared to their peers. Children who do not perform well in school have difficulty continuing their education beyond secondary school and obtaining adequate employment. Feeding our hungriest children now ensures a productive and educated work force to sustain America's economic future. . .


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