Sunday, January 11, 2009


Common Dreams - The last ten years have seen the Pentagon's "baseline budget" grow by 45% - from $358 billion in 1997 to $518 billion today, not including much of the funding for current wars and for Homeland Security.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the baseline budget will grow another $30 billion in coming years. And it has been reported that the Bush Administration will pass on to the Obama Administration a revised five year defense plan which will push the budget up another $80 billion. . .

Since 1998 we have spent about $5 trillion on defense (in 2008 dollars). About $800 billion (57%) of this increase was devoted to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Ending them would dramatically reduce the demands on the Pentagon. The remaining $600 billion (43%) are additions to baseline spending. There is much in that figure that deserves closer scrutiny.


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