Thursday, January 22


Brad Blog - Can still-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid do anything right? It wasn't enough that he blew two years of his mandate, since the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, with his usual pathetic dithering. It's not enough that following the 2008 election he rallied his fellow Democrats in the Senate to announce they'd not allow the seating of anybody chosen by beleaguered IL Governor Rod Blagojevich to fill the seat of Barack Obama, only to fold pathetically (and correctly) to allow the seating of Gov. Blagojevich's choice of Roland Burris to fill the seat of Barack Obama.

Now, in his second prominent act as Majority Leader since the election, as AP reports, he's considering going ahead with the seating of MN's Al Franken, despite the fact that Franken's opponent, former Sen. Norm Coleman, is allowed, by state law, to challenge the results of the election --- which found that he lost by 225 votes --- in a court of law before the election is certified by the state's SoS and Governor. Can Harry Reid do nothing right? . . .

I've seen nothing in Coleman's election contest to convince me that he'll find the votes needed to overturn the results already certified by the state canvassing board. In fact, the bulk of his seemingly desperate lawsuit consists of complaints that re-litigate -- or even "re-re-litigate", to paraphrase a Franken attorney --- decisions and findings already carefully and transparently determined by bi-partisan state authorities previously.

And yet, Coleman deserves his day in court to make his case, if he can come up with one. Similarly, Franken deserves his day in court, where he has filed to dismiss Coleman's suit, as well as filed for dispensation from the state to be seated "provisionally" in the U.S. Senate. If the courts allow the latter, then great, let Reid move ahead, seat Coleman, and take whatever political heat for it that may come his way. If the court dismisses Coleman's case . . . then Franken will soon enough be seated without a cloud hanging over his office for the next six years.

But for Reid to, once again, go out on a limb, for exactly the wrong cause, reminds us just how ill-served Democrats continue to be with Senator Reid in charge of the majority.


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