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January 22, 2009


1.8 million - Mayor Adrian Fenty

750,000 - 11:49 am, 45 minutes before swearing in according to Arizona State University professor Steve Doig. Excludes parade route and city streets.

1 million - Washington Post. Excludes parade route.

1.2 million - Carl Holmberg, retired assistant chief of the U.S. Park Police, includes parade route.

1.27-1.65 million - HIS Jane. Excludes parade route.

1.4 million - DC police. Excludes 300,000-400,000 on surrounding streets and 72,000 on parade route.

1 million - Clark McPhail, a sociologist who has been analyzing crowds on the mall since the '60s.

1.2 million - LBJ Inauguration

From Washington Post and elsewhere


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