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January 25, 2009


Sam Smith - Sometimes there's a hint that we're making progress. Like today, when Robert Reich noticed "America's embrace of lemon socialism." Wrires Reich, "Put it all together and at this rate, the government -- that is, taxpayers -- will own much of the housing, auto, and financial sectors of the economy, those sectors that are failing fastest." Paul Soglin, then mayor of Madison WI, invented the term back in the 1970s. I used it as far back as December 1980, but it wasn't a polite way to describe America's infatuation with Reaganomics and the nonsense that has accompanied it ever since, so it's taken thirty years for the term to become respectable. Perhaps one thing that can come out of this mess is a realization that a sane government fosters private, public or cooperative ownership based on the realities of a particular situation and not on hypocritical and unreliable loyalty to one economic system or the other.

Paul Soglin, July 2008 - Years ago, like most city officials, I was confronted with the ugly reality that, by definition, governments were in the unenviable position of running money-losing services. After all police, fire, street and public health services do not make money.

To describe the situation, I used two terms. The first is what I called the "turkey theory of government." If a proposition or a service was a loser, government was expected to deliver the service. If money was to be made, conservatives in the private sector would rally together and try and force government out.

In the first half of the twentieth century, public transit was often delivered by private companies such as the Madison Bus Company. When the numbers no longer added up to profitability after the 1950's, government was expected to take over the service.

Over the centuries everything from garbage collection to fire fighting moved back and forth between the public and private sectors.

A current example of what was traditionally a public function that the private sector now wishes to operate is water systems.

As long as the service is a turkey, the public sector can have it. If there is a profit to be made, enter the private sector.

That gets us to lemon socialism. While welfare systems, public subsidies for transit and the like are decried by the right wing as socialistic, there is no such cry when it comes to socialism for corporate America.

The best example was the public tab to bail out the savings and loans in the 1990's to the tune of $700 billion. Airlines and automobile manufacturers all were the beneficiaries of public money to save businesses that were poorly run, usually through a combination of greed and incompetence.

Of course lemon socialism can be a little more complicated than the simple public bail out of a privately held company. It can include no-bid contracts to companies like Blackwater, where the public funds are nothing more than a gift to a presidential friend, or it can be the use of public money to subsidize a private operation of a public service such as an airport or a convention center or a highway.

In any case, lemon socialism flourishes in this country, usually advanced by the most conservative critics of government services and high taxes.


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