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February 14, 2009



Tree Hugger
- Water is getting some attention in Ireland, with Donegal County testing out "hydro lights." The lights will be installed on a bridge in Ballybofey, and will be powered by the moving water of the River Finn below. After the winter water levels drop, a micro hydro-turbine will be installed under the bridge. As water rushes through the 110 watt turbine, energy generated will charge up batteries, which will then power a 30 watt LED mounted above the bridge.


Boston Channel
- Cambridge may be one of the first cities in the nation to squash a move to put surveillance cameras on city streets, saying it's worried about residents' privacy rights. . . The council voted 9-0 against building the network of eight video cameras throughout the city on Feb. 2 after hearing different opinions during two sessions about the video cameras.


George Washington University freshman
Todd Belok has been kicked out of NROTC because another unit member saw him kissing a man at a party. This, of course, violated the university policy that any group using the GWU name will not "discriminate against any persons or groups based on age, ancestry, belief, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status or other illegal basis, or in any other way that would be a violation of University antidiscrimination policies.". . . Said a university flack: "These are very, very sensitive, delicate issues. Unfortunately the military can discriminate based on sexual orientation." Said Belok: "My grandfather served in World War II and I have known I wanted to serve since early high school. I think everyone owes it to the country you grew up in to give back


Current - Almost 40 percent of Americans support criminal investigations into the Bush Administration's use of harsh interrogations and warrantless wiretapping program, even after President George W. Bush left office, a USA Today/Gallup poll. Forty-one percent favor a criminal investigation into the Bush Administration's use of the Justice Department for political purposes; 38 percent favor an investigation for the Administration's warrantless wiretapping and 38 percent favor a criminal probe for the possible use of torture in terrorism investigations.

The unemployment rate for foreign-born Hispanics increased from 5.1 percent to 8 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008, compared to the same period a year ago. At the same time, the unemployment rate for all persons in the labor market increased from 4.6 percent to 6.6 percent.

BND - Average full-time workers made $41,198 in 1973 and $37,606 in 2008, adjusted for inflation. CEOs made 45 times as much as workers in 1973 and more than 300 times as much as workers now. By 2006, the richest 1 percent had increased their share of the nation's income to the second-highest level on record. The only year higher was 1928 - on the eve of the Great Depression.


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Gays should be allowed to commit war crimes. Yes. That's progressive.

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