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February 10, 2009


Star Tribune, MN - Thanks to the power of prayer -- and a near-accident -- a St. Paul woman, Mary Nabila Muma, has withdrawn her federal lawsuit against her ex-husband. That's the one in which she said another woman was using voodoo to steal Marcellus Muma from her. On Jan. 20, U.S. Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel recommended dismissing the case for lack of jurisdiction. But on that same day, Muma wrote a letter to the judge, withdrawing her suit. A trip to a private retreat had changed her mind, she said. First of all, she prayed a lot and was able to forgive her ex-husband. Second, on the way to return her rental car, Muma lost control of the vehicle on a busy freeway. "The police officers and all the people who saw the car and the scene of the accident instantly said that was divine intervention," she wrote to the court. "I feel that God wants me to withdraw the case and hand Marcellus over to him."

Palm Beach Post - A man was charged with misusing 911 for a midnight complaint that a Boynton Beach Burger King had run out of lemonade, police say. Jean Fortune, 66, dialed 911 and told dispatchers he was "unhappy with his order" at the Burger King at 1521 W. Boynton Beach Blvd., according to an arrest report. When a Boynton Beach police officer arrived, the cashier told him she had informed Fortune at the drive-thru that the store no longer served lemonade. He became angry when he picked up his order at the window and threatened to call police. The cashier told him to "Go ahead." The officer noted in his report that Fortune could not explain why he resorted to calling 911 for a "civil dilemma." [Link includes 911 exchange with an unbelievably patient police dispatcher]

Middletown Journal, OH - A Middletown teenager is expected to be in court for allegedly ordering more than $37,000 of candy online to be charged to Middletown High School. Jad Holmes, 18, is scheduled to be in Middletown Municipal Court on Wednesday, Feb. 11, for two counts of telecommunications fraud, both fifth-degree felonies, according to court records. Holmes is accused of placing two orders - for $19,880 and $17,372, respectively - through a Michigan-based company, according to police records. The order was to be shipped to his address and billed to the school.


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