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February 20, 2009



Anonymous Anonymous said...

My grandfather was a civilian carpenter on a Military Base, and in his old age he repeatedly told me to “don't wear your worth on your sleeve”. Which I interpreted, as a youngster, to make my worth show in things that I did.

Later, when I discovered that military people attached their military Rate, and more specifically their Rank on their shirt sleeve... I discovered what my grandfather may have been referring to, that is, automatic deferance paid to a person (in any / all situations) based upon their "display" on their sleeve.

Now... seeing this NASCAR based Political attire here, my mind again thinks about Not wearing a person's worth on their sleeve. And while I grew up with an ingrained pregudice against such habit, I can see that it may serve a purpose in the Political world. I think All politicians should be REQUIRED to wear emblems with the size reflecting the amount of donations received.

Watching a Congressman try to push a bill through Congress that showers a particular industry with Millions or Billions of dollars... while wearing an emblem for some soon-to-be-rich (richer) Corporation might be a valuable thing.

February 21, 2009 11:38 AM  

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