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February 9, 2009


ACLU - Despite President Obama's orders to close Guantanamo and halt proceedings, it appears this has not filtered down through the Department of Defense," said Anthony Romero, head of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Within days of taking office, Obama had ordered the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison within a year and requested a halt to military commission proceedings at the facility.

But a military judge at Guantanamo rejected the new administration's request to suspend the trial of Saudi national Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, accused of participating in the 2000 attack on the USS Cole.

"Certainly Secretary Gates has the ability to put a halt to these proceedings," Romero told a press conference.

"One must question whether this is just the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, whether this is a revolt in the new Obama administration, or whether the new Secretary Gates is just like the old Secretary Gates," he said.


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