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February 10, 2009


CBS - There are new concerns about Gardasil, the vaccine that prevents a virus that caused cervical cancer. It's approved for girls as young as nine. And five million have received it since it was approved two years ago. The FDA and its maker insist it's safe. But CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has exclusive information on some very serious side effects. . .

The National Vaccine Information Center, a private vaccine-safety group, compared Gardasil adverse events to another vaccine, one also given to young people, but for meningitis. Gardasil had three times the number of Emergency Room visits - more than 5,000. Reports of side effects were up to 30 times higher with Gardasil. . .

Merck, the FDA and CDC question the value of the new analysis, say they continue to review the data, Gardasil remains safe and effective, and its benefits outweigh the risks. . .

Meantime, Merck has asked the FDA to approve it for boys, who can pass on the cancer causing virus to girls, meaning the number of people getting Gardasil may double.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gardasil is a hoax, a healthy immune system, safe sex practices, and regular doctor exams are far better prevention methods for cervical cancer then this vaccine will ever be. This vaccine is more about enriching Merck then improving public health.


February 11, 2009 12:37 PM  
Anonymous a sad parent said...

Unfortunately, I found out about the dangers of Gardasil too late. My daughter, then 16, got the shot and is still ill, after almost a year. She has been in ICU, is too weak to attend school, has heachaches, stomach pains, chest pains, problems breathing, insomnia,weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, personality changes, dizziness, short term vision loss, etc etc. This was to be her senior year, and was being recruited by colleges because of her athletic abilities.Before the vaccine, she was running up to ten miles aday, now she needs help getting to the bathroom! Doctors don't know how to help her because the vaccine is too new, and so noone knows how to handle the adverse effects.

This vaccine needs to be stopped!From truthaboutgardasil@yahoo.com

March 19, 2009 8:44 AM  

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