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March 3, 2009


NY Times - In picking Nancy-Ann DeParle to champion an overhaul of the nation's health system, President Obama selected someone with deep roots in the Washington bureaucracy, an intimate familiarity with health policy and respect on both sides of the political aisle - not to mention degrees from Harvard Law School and Oxford University.

Nancy-Ann DeParle has years of experience in previous positions dealing with health care companies and agencies.

But in putting Ms. DeParle in charge of an issue that has bedeviled presidents for decades, Mr. Obama also chose to overlook Ms. DeParle's business ties to companies that have a direct stake in the health care debate. . .

Since leaving the Clinton administration, Ms. DeParle has been managing director of a private equity firm, CCMP Capital, and a board member of companies like Boston Scientific, Cerner and Medco Health Solutions. White House officials said Ms. DeParle was severing ties with those companies and would recuse herself from participating in any matter that was "directly or substantially" related to former clients or employers. . .


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