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March 16, 2009



Progressive Review - Obama is planning to spend $10-20 billion to help small business. This is a step forward but still represents less than 5% of his previous bailout bill despite the fact that small business is the major job creator in the country. . . The amount is barely more than that being budgeted for high speed rail which will serve business class, not coach class passengers.


Politico - The Washington Post has plans to fold its daily business section into the A section, according to sources at the paper. . . From Monday through Saturday, business coverage will now run in an expanded A section that includes National and International News, Economic & Business section, a Washington Business page, the Fed page, and Editorial and Op-Ed pages. In addition, the Post will cease running full stock listings on Tuesday through Saturday, with comprehensive listings on the website. . . "In Style, we are shifting some comics online, where readership of such features already is high. One of our two crossword puzzles will end because the syndicate that provides it three days a week has decided to discontinue it, along with the weekly chess and poker columns. In addition, we are adjusting the television listings we offer to reflect prime-time programming."


ABC News - At least nine car companies worldwide say that by 2013 they will offer plug-in vehicles that use electric motors as their primary means of propulsion, according to Plug-in America, an activist group. Some will be all-electric drive vehicles. Most will be plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that use small gasoline engines as a backup. GM and Chrysler both say they will sell a plug-in car in 2010. Ford will sell a battery-powered commercial van next year, a small battery-powered EV car the year after, and a PHEV competitor to GM's Volt by 2012.


The reported 3% HIV/AIDS rate in the nation's capital is not only close to San Francisco's 4% at the height of its epidemic in 1992 but, says a local health official, "Our rates are higher than West Africa. They're on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya."


Can My Boss Do That?
is a website with lots of information on workers' rights under various conditions such as firings, layoffs, and safety.


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The Chevy Volt will cost 40K.

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