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March 17, 2009



So now you are citing the Wall Street Journal, a known bastion of “objectivity,” as a source to support for your fallacious proposition that President Obama is becoming increasingly unpopular among the American people. Isn't it time you stop your ridiculous tirades against President Obama? You failed to mention in your recent article that the current Pew Center poll, the Gallup poll, Newsweek poll, and even Fox News poll dispute your proposition. Those polls all dispute the Rasmussen poll, yet you conveniently omitted those facts from your article. Let’s leave the shameful deception to the Republicans. Deception from the right is to be expected; however, I expect better from progressive voices. You risk losing many progressive subscribers with your deceptive and dishonest diatribes against President Obama. - Timothy V. Clark, Indianapolis, Indiana

The polling was conducted by Rasmussen, an excellent firm that did better in the final 2008 result than Gallup, and by a former pollster for Bill Clinton. The poll has also been somewhat supported by both Pew and CNN. The latest Pew survey finds Obama's approval rating down 5 points and from last month and his disapproval rating up 9 points. CNN finds the rating down 3 points and disapproval up 5 points. What's different about the Rasmussen poll is that it uses the gap between those who strongly approve and those who strongly disapprove for its index. You may not like that approach but it certainly is not partisan.


Saul Landau, you reminds me of Nazi propaganda. I was wondering if you guys were still around. I was beginning to think you were extinct. Guess not. What a shame.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology, not a religion. We know all we need to know about Islam: it is a vicious, narrow-minded, murderous, intolerant and an undemocratic cult - opposite of anything the west stands for.

When Palestinians realize that the only way to protest their situation is through nonviolence (i.e., Ghandi and MLK), then their situation will improve. So long as these idiots choose to continue lobbing rockets daily at a civilian population, they can expect to be invaded and bombed from time to time. If Mexico allowed the lobbing of thousands of rockets at US cities every year, you can be damn sure there would be overwhelming support for retaliation. And, just like with the most recent Israeli response, that retaliation would be justified.

Saul Landau is opposed to the western philosophies of government, except for Marxism which was developed by Karl Marx in his flat in London.Landau is a student of victimology. Whomever he classifies as a victim is more authentic, has better ideas, and produces better literature, than those he classifies as oppressors.

Israel is a western-style democracy
being pressured to make peace with a neighbor that has attacked it over and over and over. Furthermore, people forget that the entire reason that the Palestinian people are displaced is that the entire Arab world declared war on Israel long before it was a nation. How would we react if a large aboriginal group started launching frequent attacks? Would we react by peacefully letting them form their own nation where they would be free to continue to launch attacks? It would go a long way if people stopped seeing Israelis as so different from themselves. - James

I love all the screaming
Zionists (and Christian Zionists) who came to denounce Saul Landau and the Palestinians...James, we once had a "large aboriginal group" who would fight us as we moved West; they were called American Indians and they did what they could to drive the white man off their land, but it was too little, too late. Many Indian children from the late 19th century onward were forced to go to schools (set up by the BLM) where they were beaten for speaking their tribal languages and made to feel inferior while their parents were forced to live in reservations with little job opportunity and rampant alcoholism. - Strelnikov

I stand four-square behind Israel, our true friends in a region where Anti-Americanism is the real danger. In the light that reveals the Arab lunacy gripping the Middle East today, Israel has proved to be a sane, democratic island surrounded by an ocean of hate and self-destructive mayhem. Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest are not credible entities for the world to support. Israel is - and the world media need to abstain from bashing them for protecting their existence. - JR

Saul, you are not posting correct information. Every Israeli citizen can vote. Last election one Arab party was banned from running after being charged with incitement, supporting terrorist groups and refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist. Arab lawmakers have traveled to countries listed among Israel's staunchest enemies, including Lebanon and Syria. Did not Britain ban Sinn Fein? Did not France ban the retain-Algeria right-wing party? - Yahuda


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, do Zionists wander the net looking for anything that is anti-Israel so they can go into a frenzy? Face it, you are murderers and thugs oppressing a whole people because they are not the "chosen people". Zionists make all Jews look bad because then people equate their 21st century Jewish Nazism with Judaism as a whole. You can try to use sly verbal tricks in an attempt to convince humanity otherwise but as you oppress and torture the Palestinians you will only hasten your own demise as the world becomes increasingly disgusted with your actions. Israel attacks them with tanks and jet fighters, they retaliate with their bodies. What else they can do? They are grossly mismatched in fire power and wealth by the Israeli side. Do you want them to sit around in the face of their hopeless situation and wait until you slaughter them all? Do you want them to enjoy the humiliation of going through dozens of checkpoints every single day? Maybe they should enjoy it when they are discriminated against in their homeland? No these things are not fair. Zionism is evil, pure and simple. The United States is totally run by the Jewish lobbies now. They even get to choose who fills cabinet posts and can remove anyone who doesn't agree that Israel should be allowed to kill at will. However, other countries aren't filled with dumb reality-show watching brain-dead Americans, and look around the American Empire is seeing its last days, they won't be around to protect you forever. Those who oppress today will reap their own demise tomorrow. I just hope when finally the world stops your reign of tyranny there are still some Palestinians alive.

March 18, 2009 2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The very fact that no one here who posts a comment arguing against Israel can seemingly manage to avoid tossing around incendiary terms like 'Zionists' or 'Zionistas' is pretty revealing. There are level-headed people out there who can comprehend the reality of the fact that Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors and does need to be concerned over its defense. Unbelievably (to the types like 3/10 225 am abve), some of those who are aware of this fact are not Zionists, and in fact not even Jews. That you folks can't wage a debate without straightaway launching into hysterical namecalling has the unfortunate tendency to make the more levelheaded among us regard your views with perhaps just a little less seriousness than they might otherwise deserve to be given.

June 19, 2009 9:21 PM  

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