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March 18, 2009


A selection from our reader comments


The article on abortion, incredibly, states that "one can have an abortion without doing harm to others". Huh? No harm? When an D&E abortion is performed, and a fetus is cut into pieces with wires, saws and other surgical instruments, you don't consider this to be harm?

Your comments that " most American don't consider the fetus as human" is at the least, misleading and at the most, disingenuous. The time period of pregnancy which is spread over nine months, encompasses a wide range of stages of development and periods of time in which viability changes dramatically. Most peoples' beliefs are not whether the fetus is human, but when the fetus is human.

My wife and I had twins born 9 weeks early. One of these daughters just had twins born to her 8 weeks early. All 4 of these people are healthy. Are you stating that most Americans believe that these fetuses were not human beings up until the moment that they were born?

The US Supreme Court, when making abortion legal in it's Roe vs Wade decision, stated that "we do not know when human life occurs", thereby leaving open the possibility that we are killing human beings every day through abortion, and yet made the decision anyway. In other words, human life is sometimes sacred, sometimes for some people and sometimes not. You do not address at all the question of what should those people do who believe that helpless, blameless, innocent human beings are being murdered every day. Those who resisted the legal treatment of the Jews by the Nazi hierarchy in Germany in the 1930s and 40s are today considered to be heroes.

And finally, the delusion continues to grow. We now have a president, the leader of Americans, the leader of the free world, who led the fight while in the Illinois Legislature, to defeat a bill that would have required survivors of abortions to be given medical succor. Even when the fetus is outside of the mother's body, breathing on his own, our president believes that he is not worthy of life. "We have earmarked you for abortion, and by God, you are going to die." What group will be next-Journalists perhaps? - Capt. Stephen F. Formel USMM

Differences in views on abortion have changed remarkably little over time. The point of the article was not to continue this debate but to argue that Catholic hospitals should not be required by the federal government to offer abortions.

I am beyond the reproductive years which makes me old enough to have grown up in a country without the Civil Rights Act so what I am about to say may seem outrageous: why would a woman want to ask someone to treat her who is opposed to the treatment she needs? Why not just go to the hospital without the religious connection? I think that trying to force Catholics or evangelicals to offer abortion will only make people sympathetic to their cause.


"Franklin Roosevelt managed to fight the depression with a White House staff smaller than that Mrs. Clinton's when she was First Lady. He fought World War II with less staff than Al Gore when he was vice president."

Probably not the best defense. FDR also

- created the military industrial complex via his "dollar-a-year men" who, since they continued to be paid by and loyal to their corporate masters, saw nothing wrong with giving the military everything it wanted, since the military would be buying said everything from said corporate masters.

- let Morganthau shift the income tax from the hyper-wealthy onto us proles,

- and, to save capitalism, created the culture of consumption that's now bidding fair to make Earth uninhabitable by high-order life forms.

Not the best record.


If you've ever heard Moyers rant about how all the world's troubles can be traced to religious persons, you'd find it hard to take much else he says seriously. It's puzzling to me that Moyers finds no difference between, say my sainted grandmother who treated everyone lovingly regardless of their treatment of her, and the charlatan buffoons who use religion to become wealthy and to suppress anyone else's freedom who might be a threat to their scam.


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