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March 19, 2009


Excerpts from reader comments


Yes this is a small amount of money compared to the rest of the bailout, but rather than focus on the amount, you should focus on the significance of the bonuses. The lack of contrition that these mega-corporations have for the trouble they have caused every person in this country (and throughout the world) for the next decade needs to be addressed in such a way that each and every business person that subscribes to the notion that they need not be accountable for their actions, that they are above any laws or moral obligations, be wiped out in a clear, authoritative and decisive manner. Only then will this country begin to gain faith in it's economy once again. - Mark Dziak, Los Angeles, CA


The TSA is a bloated self serving agency with too many employees, too much money and an ill defined mission trying justify their existence. There are not enough passengers flying to keep the bloated staff busy, so add more harassment.

Many of my friends are dedicated to keeping people and transportation safe for everyone to enjoy, whether you are on the ground or in the sky. There are many more aspects to TSA and there are many good people working for TSA, they are underpaid but still hardworking, working for a good cause, to prevent the hostile acts of 9/11 from happening again. Before you go bashing the methods and reasons for screening, maybe you should refresh your memories of the thousands of people that lost their lives, not only in the sky, but on the ground on 9/11. The ones bashing these hardworking, underpaid people would not last one day performing this kind of public service. They put their lives on the line every day, just like any law officer, not knowing what the day will bring and will they make it home after a day's work.

Why don't all you selfish, "don't bother me I'm on my cellphone, do I look like a terrorist" cry babies get in your fucking car and drive 12 or 14 hours or let Greyhound do the driving. I would love to see the type of security procedures in place here that a country like Israel uses. Open your mouth then and see what happens. Keep your mouth shut, listen, do as you are asked, or yes, even told, and you can get through security a lot faster. I guess it's just a reflection of American culture that most people are so caught up in themselves that they think they have the right to fly or park in front of the airport. Flying is a privilege, not a right.

If the screeners respected the public it would be different. I do not appreciate being talked to as if I am a 4 year old. I am subjected to "random special screening" virtually every single time I fly out of my home airport, yet am never selected at any other airport.

Are you going to tell me that the world is safer because I flew with 2 oz of a liquid instead of 4 or whatever the limits are? Are you going to tell me the world is safer because you force people to stand on the filthy airport floor in their socks? I rarely fly anymore - primarily because of the hassle involved. Airline want to know why travel is down? Look at the security hassles associated with it.

In San Francisco I was forced to stand in an air chamber while wafts of air blew over different parts of my body this was after my single carry on a laptop computer was dissected. Then I was forced to give my shoes to a schmuck who rubbed some kind of white cotton paper all over them He then rubbed all over my laptop bag and said he was looking for explosive residue . So what if they would have found some traces of gunpowder? Would I have been sent to Gitmo and held as a terrorist? I am a white 58 year old grandfather.

This is just another means to legitimize profiling. If you are brown, look like you are from a Muslim country or wear a religiously mandated headscarf, don't be surprised with further delays. I can only hope that one of these days they will actually start catching the real bad guys instead of wasting so much energy on the good ones.


Unfortunately, I found out about the dangers of Gardasil too late. My daughter, then 16, got the shot and is still ill, after almost a year. She has been in ICU, is too weak to attend school, has headaches, stomach pains, chest pains, problems breathing, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, personality changes, dizziness, short term vision loss, etc. This was to be her senior year, and was being recruited by colleges because of her athletic abilities. Before the vaccine, she was running up to ten miles a day, now she needs help getting to the bathroom. Doctors don't know how to help her because the vaccine is too new, and so no one knows how to handle the adverse effects. This vaccine needs to be stopped.


How about putting all vets in Medicare, with premiums covered by the Pentagon. VA and civilian hospitals to be integrated, and choice of doctors and facilities to be open, as for civilian patients. No ghettos for injured vets, and no profits for insurance companies.


Thanks for the perspective, which the corporate media have neither the interest nor the capacity to present. Good, also, to read something favorable about Huey Long, who's usually dismissed as a little more than a demagogue. It's time to update and enact the guaranteed income that Long, and so many others, campaigned for. - Steve Shafarman


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