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March 24, 2009


Excerpts from reader comments


I empathize with all of you who have so much hassle at the airport with rude security screeners. I can't say as I share the problem though, since I fly by private jet when I need to travel distances where car travel isn't effective. Most of my business associates travel by private jet too. Our time is just plain too valuable to spend in airport delays. I would say that our travel has been a lot safer since the screening was instituted. Even though we travel by private jet, we still use many of the same facilities and would certainly be inconvenienced by a terror attack.


Service guarantees citizenship. - Sky Marshall Dienes

Any time this criminal Congress wants to take the people's wealth back off the billionaires who legally stole it to pay for the work that desperately needs to be done in this country, my kids will be happy to have a worthy job.


Volcanic ash enriches topsoil, adding valuable nutrients from Mother Earth that helps restore topsoil for growing healthy food. It is released into the atmosphere during seismic events and also helps reverse global warming. Following a large volcanic eruption, the sky may darken or turn red for a few days until rains wash this new ash blessing down from the skies. Until rains cleans the dust from the air, the fine stardust can seep through cracks in windows and doors. Covering one's mouth with a wet cloth or bandana, and open cracks with wet rags is beneficial for health and safety. Damage to automobiles may occur from driving in dusty conditions.
It is ideal, if possible, to remain indoors and help those in need of assitance by sharing food and water. - Mark


Only work produces wealth. A dollar bill cannot even fix you a cup of tea - only humans can, only humans produce and provide work products; goods and services. And all the works mankind has ever performed upon the earth were performed from work done by Mother Nature for everyone in equal shares. And only demand creates jobs. . . not rich people.

Maximum individual sacrifice of time and energies to working is limited, therefore the pool of wealth is finite. This means when one person is allowed to take from the pool of wealth more than he or she sacrificed to put in, then others are forced to take less than they put into the pool.

No one is working a billion, a million, or even a hundred times harder than the average person can work long term. . . it is physically impossible.


Gingrich Care is a failure; it's the Massachusettes system that forces people to buy insurance at gunpoint, with private insurers to have free rein in denying care and pricing it out of the reach of people. Single-payer healthcare is a much more efficient plan.

If someone else goes w/o healthcare, it can affect you. For instance:

- Someone gets tuberculosis, but can't afford a doctor. They work with food, and expose people -- maybe your family -- every day to TB.

- Someone's been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, but they can't afford continuing to go to the doctor, or afford their meds. They continue driving to their job, to their child's school, to the grocery store, etc. They have a seizure behind the wheel and take not only themselves out, but another car full of a family that they plowed into.

- American businesses will never be competitive with businesses in other countries as long as healthcare is not a basic human right here; it's getting too expensive for many businesses to even offer healthcare bennies.

- Many businesses get rid of -- or won't hire -- anyone over 35-40, due to the extremely high healthcare insurance costs. That's a lot of people who are being idled -- who could be working -- in this economy.

- Think of the many people who'd go into business for themselves, if healthcare was guaranteed. Many people are stuck in jobs they'd rather leave, but cannot as they must stay for the healthcare bennies. That makes them virtually slaves, and too many businesses have no problem with that.

What we need is the same healthcare system that helps Bush and Cheney and Paul and Feingold to be extended to the rest of us. That would be the easiest way to do it. That and have the taxes on those that earn more than $108,000 to pay their fair share of Social Security and other taxes to even out the payments for all. Less bureaucracy so less paper work and with easy access we will need more doctors so the AMA needs to be relieved of their idea of rationing doctors for us. Less anxiety will also help everyone's overall health too. Health will go up as costs go down.


Someone has pulled off the most elaborate heist in world history. I remember it being said that if you made the crime big enough, and in plain sight, you would not be able to convince anyone that it ever happened. That's exactly what has happened here with AIG and the banking industry in general. The sheer brilliance of it is mind boggling. Create and sell fraudulent securities on a scale so huge that you can blackmail nations to hand over additional trillions to keep you from bringing down the world economy. Brilliant. It actually worked. And no world leaders that I know of are willing to call the bluff. The sad part about all of this is that the world economy will crash anyway at some point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Most of my business associates travel by private jet too. Our time is just plain too valuable to spend in airport delays."

In fact, they don't even have to file flight plans. Why hijack an airliner when you can fly a private jet into a building?

March 25, 2009 3:00 PM  

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