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March 20, 2009



Blogger mark eloheim said...

Volcanic Ash enriches topsoil, adding valuable nutrients from Mother Earth that helps restore topsoil for growing healthy food. It is released into the atmosphere during seimic events such as yesterday's undersea volcano eruption, and also helps reverse global warming. Following a large volcanic eruption, the sky may darken or turn red for a few days until rains wash this new ash blessing down from the skies. Until rains cleans the dust from the air, the fine stardust can seep through cracks in windows and doors. Covering one's mouth with a wet cloth or bandana, and open cracks with wet rags is beneficial for health and saftey. Damage to automobiles may occur from driving in dusty conditions.

It is ideal, if possible, to remain indoors and help those in need of assitance by sharing food and water.

Please believe that Your existence is infinite, regardless of Your Spiritual Belief System, and the Love is the Most Powerful Uniting Principle In the Universe!

~Rainbows, Love, and Light To All Our Relations~


March 20, 2009 12:02 PM  

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