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March 19, 2009


South County Spotlight, OR - It was meant to be a celebration, but it’s hard to party when the threat of going to war hangs over your head like a bad joke. Still, the men and women from the Oregon National Guard’s St. Helens division did their best to remain cheerful and optimistic at their goodbye dinner hosted by the St. Helens Elks Club at their local lodge . . .

The local National Guard unit has been called up for redeployment to the Middle East. Most members will get their official call-up orders the first week of April. . .

Sgt. Bryan Cory, 37, joined the military more than 19 years ago, but said he thought he’d be helping his country by responding to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, which Cory did assist with during the recovery efforts. But going off to war again has taken a toll on Cory. Asked how he handles telling his four children, ages two to 13, about his next redeployment, Cory fights off tears and says, in a whisper, “I don’t talk about it with them. I don’t want to scare them.”. . .

Legislation to keep the National Guard troops home have been introduced in more than a dozen states, including Oregon


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