Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Tree Hugger - In what would certainly be a huge blow to the US' formidable corn-ethanol industry, the California Air Resources Board is readying a report that says ethanol is worse than oil in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. According to the Daily Climate, the California regulators are prepared to go as far as to declare that biofuels cannot help the state fight climate change--could this be the beginning of the end for ethanol?

The ethanol industry is obviously worried about the move, and is opposing it-they say cutting off investments in the technology now would prevent them from reaching their fuel efficiency goals.

But California says it ain't so-they say that due to the new state emissions standards, they've got to encourage cleaner forms of energy like hydrogen, cellulosic ethanol, and electricity. Corn-based ethanol is far worse in the long run, when considering the big picture