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April 8, 2009


Linton Johnson, Chief Spokesperson, BART - A fun-packed, knowledge filled two day course that leaves you feeling energized and armed with strategies to resolve real world crises in your workplace.”

Harvard Law School - How can you avoid disaster when your organization has triggered a crisis that threatens your reputation and your image?

What specific steps can you take to turn consumer anger into opportunities for gain, whether you are dealing with:

- customers who are dissatisfied because the product doesn’t work, or because they think you lied about service or cost;

- concerned interest groups who are blocking a license, rate increase or permit;

- potential litigants who are seeking to assign liability or sue for damages;

- the need to develop new media strategies that rely less on image manipulation and more on cooperating with opposing groups?

In our special, two-day, executive program Dealing With an Angry Public, we share a powerful negotiating technique for managing or avoiding public disputes - and for dealing with the media - that you can apply whether you are attempting to defend controversial decisions or trying to protect your organization from the consequences of an accident or a mistake. Called "mutual gains," this innovative approach offers a set of specific action steps you can take to turn public threats into opportunities for gain. Please accept my personal invitation to attend. - Lawrence E. Susskind Co-Director, MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program

Lisa Ross, Director, Corporate Communications, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
- Great program. Very relevant to my current role, and I will be able to use some of the strategies right away.


Blogger Richard said...

Linton Johnson has been in the forefront of putting out BART's misinformation in relation to the killing of Oscar Grant by a BART cop. What a sleaze bag.

April 8, 2009 7:36 PM  

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