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April 5, 2009


Telegraph, UK - The secret to a perfect golf round could be a lack of concentration, a study shows. . . Researchers found that golfers who focused too much on their technique lost consistency in their game and tended to hit the ball more slowly while putting, psychologists found. They recommend that sports players try to "distract" themselves from their physical actions to improve their results and claim that the findings could have implications for other sports and even the England football team's inconsistent penalty takers.

Previous studies have shown that when they feel under pressure, sports players often concentrate on their technique in the belief that this will help their game. However, the intense focus appeared to create exactly the opposite result, according to John Toner, from University College, Dublin, who carried out the research.

He said: "When people feel under pressure they start to focus more on their technique, but this study shows that is exactly what they should not do.

"They should certainly not try to adjust their technique at all and should stick to what they know."

He added that golfers could try to trick their body into reverting to its natural stroke by focusing on something else on the course rather than their physical action.

He said: "One trick that people can certainly try is to try to distract your external focus. Make sure that your focus is on the hole or on a spot on the green and do not think about your technique or how your limbs are moving.

The technique could work for other sports where there are crucial moments when players tend to focus on their technique, such as a free throw in basketball, he said.


Blogger Jeff said...

The book Inner Tennis told this story over 30 years ago!

April 7, 2009 10:14 AM  

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