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April 11, 2009


The Political Carnival - Governor Sarah Palin today announced the appointment of Wayne Anthony Ross as Attorney General. . . Ross, currently in private practice, will fill the vacancy created last month by the resignation of Attorney General Talis Colberg. . .

“Wayne Anthony Ross will be a great defender of Alaska and the people he serves," Governor Palin said. "With his vast legal knowledge, experience and integrity, he will make an exceptional Attorney General.". . .

Mudflats - Tomorrow House Judiciary Committee will meet and take citizen testimony on the nomination of Wayne Anthony Ross to be our next Attorney General. Leah Burton is . . . a former citizen lobbyist who worked on behalf of families and children concerning child support, child custody, domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. She discusses a meeting of the group DADS, being run by Wayne Anthony Ross, and what she heard:

"Numerous comments were made that were appalling, not the least of which were remarks by Mr. Ross which included the following: 'If a guy can’t rape his wife. . . who’s he gonna rape?' and 'There wouldn’t be an issue with domestic violence if women would learn to keep their mouths shut.'

"Other members made their own contributions such as, 'We have the right to discipline our wives and children without the interference of government in our lives!'"


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