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May 1, 2009



Wendy Kaminer

The story of a meltdown of a revered organization. Kaminer was a dissident member of the ACLU national board. She contests the ACLU's post-9/11hypocrisies, including conformity and suppression of dissent in the interests of collegiality, solidarity, or group image; self-censorship by members anxious to avoid ostracism or marginalization by the group; elevation of loyalty to the institution over loyalty to the institution's ideals; substitution of the group's idealized self-image for the reality of its behavior; ad homonym attacks against critics; and deference to cults of personality.

"The willingness to criticize your own based on principles you would apply to others is a measure of integrity. Kaminer's important book about her beloved ACLU has that integrity. She tells a startling, sad, and exceptionally well-documented story." - Ira Glasser, former executive director, ACLU

"Standing up to your political enemies is easy, fun, and often profitable. Taking public issue with your friends and allies on a matter of great principle is none of these, but it is a far more important service to others.." - -Congressman Barney Frank


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