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May 26, 2009



Blogger Dr. Douglas said...

Impotence - What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Was it Woody Allen who said “love is like playing bridge, if you’re no good at it you had better have a good hand?”
That may well be true for a small percentage of the population, but for the 20% plus of all men who suffer erectile dysfunction, a good hand is not much use when you cannot get wood, Woody.
It is a racing certainty that not all sufferers are as forthright as Mr Allen and many simply suffer in silence. Embarrassed by the machismo their peers express whenever the issue of love making arises. These age old jokes made at the expense of the impotent need to be addressed.
It would be unrealistic to expect the ignorant to just stop because they should. Even if they suffer themselves they probably blame the drink or the wife’s looks or sit up all night in front of the TV rather than face an inconvenient bedtime truth.
Well, not all is lost even for those that cannot gather the courage to visit the doctor and get prescription medications that give improved performance for 50% of those that take them. There is now a health supplement that is clinically tested and has proven successful for 84% of all those who took it- Butea Superba. Never heard of it? Well now you have, so pass it on.
Available under the brand name HealthyED, Butea Superba has exactly the same effect on men as prescription blue pills. The big difference being it is a natural herb which you take as a daily supplement and it works all the time rather than in short bursts, unlike the chemically enhanced drugs contained in the main commercial pills promoted so heavily by the big drugs companies.
You can read all the clinical trial information on the HealthyED site along with details of how it works and why.
The most important thing about Butea is that you tell a friend or as many friends as you can. Maybe you will be helping someone who is just too embarrassed to help themselves. www.healthyed.co.uk

May 26, 2009 12:11 PM  
Blogger Pablucho said...

Would like to suggest a modified Cliche Challenge--one for fairly elaborated 'thoughts'. It's a bit of an unfair competition when single words like 'change' or 'hope' get to be contestants. So, in a three-words-or-longer Cliche Phrase Challenge, I propose the mind-numbingly sappy 'RESILIENCY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT' with 844,000 Google hits and the bowel-shakingly deep 'IS WHAT IT IS' with 3,260,000 as early leaders.

October 15, 2009 2:20 PM  

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