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May 13, 2009


NY Post - The bank has been given the go-ahead to foreclose on Victoria Gotti's palatial estate on Long Island -- the same used in the TV reality show "Growing Up Gotti" -- saying she owes a whopping $650,000 in mortgage payments, according to court paper made public today.

Gotti's lender, JP Morgan Chase, claims the daughter of the late Gambino crime family boss John "Dapper Don" Gotti -- owes them the staggering amount after she failed to make payments for two years starting in September 2006, court records reveal. . .

The ruling reversed a 2007 decision by Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Roy Mahon who determined foreclosure proceedings were too early at the time. . .

The home, which Gotti once tried to sell at $4.8 million but lowered once she put on the market this past January for $3.2 million, became known to TV viewers across the country after A&E filmed the reality show, "Growing Up Gotti" there in 2004 and 2005.


Anonymous Mairead said...

How strange. During Reagan's recessions my contracts evaporated and nobody was hiring. So I lost my house after only a year. The whole mortgage was only 1/10 of her delinquency and the amount I fell behind was only a few thousand. But that was enough to finish me off.

I guess they realised that I was just a low-life prole work unit, not a real person like her who merited extensive forbearance.

May 13, 2009 4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More evidence that clawing your way to overfortune = clawing your way to misery...because the great fortunes are unsustainable and always under attack, always pulled down.

Houses? Land? Employment?

Economics 101: Humans were cursed with having stomachs to feed, and food does not land in your lap. It requires work, which is the sacrifice of irreplacable time and renewable energies, to get food, therefore, work is the first and essential condition of life - therefore, society has no right to withold jobs from people - or we are better off without living societally. Also, we humans have mindlessly allowed society to strip away our birthright to a place to put our feet (now that all land is owned), and we did it without giving ourselves any compensation for this theft of our birthright to land and to one nth of Mama Earth's resources (water, minerals, etc), where n= the total population. (This is why those who are unable to work are still entitled to their fairshare of what it takes to live - and it isn't charity, it's justice - it's about all human beings' being born with equal birthrights.)

I am terribly sorry to hear your employment was and your home was taken from you, Mairead, and very happy you have survived the abuse blind society has heaped on you and others. I believe you are one of the human herd's bellwethers - one of the leaders who will help move the herd of followers to safer pastures.

I am the campaigner for fairpay justice who haunts Sam's site. If you (other readers are invited, too) would like to contact me to get more pay-justice information, send an email to payjustice@fastmail.fm

(please be patient for a reply, as my hours are Very full and I'm always running behind.)

the pay-justice campaign has nothing for you to buy or sell, ever, no leader to follow, no new isms nor ologies to learn, nothing to join, no meetings to attend, no religion and no anti-religion in it. it's just people learning about the principles of pay justice, and passing it along to their friends and family if they find they agree with the thinking. the only cost is the cost of your time to read and think and tell others.

everyone really already agrees with the thinking. it's a matter of showing people that our problem is actually that we are not acting in accord with what we all really already believe. the struggle is in getting people to challenge their most cherished mistakes in economic thinking.

once the bellwethers get it, we are 2 simple steps from reaching humanity's longest- and most-sought goal: sustainable human happiness, safety, and peace amidst plenty.

May 13, 2009 9:45 AM  

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